What’s your order (MacDonalds)

Following on from the success of the Nandos thread, now it’s time to tell us what you’d go for if you popped into a maccie Ds.


For the inevitable ‘I don’t eat at MacDonalds lot’

  • I eat at MacDonalds therefore I shall post my order in this thread
  • I don’t eat at MacDonalds but I feel the need to tell you this therefore I am voting in this poll

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Keep it simple usually

Cheeseburger, possibly quarter pounder, chips et chocolate shake

I have two regulars:

Quarter Pounder with Cheese OR 3 Chicken Selects

recently have branched out into the Spicy Nuggz while they’re around though

Quarter pounder with cheese
Medium fries
either Sprite Zero or Diet Coke

Perfect post-gig long drive home stop off point maaaann

Large Big Mac meal with coke Zero. Cheeseburger chaser.
Every time.

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Used to go for the chicken legend, then signature burger. Would always try Tastes Of The World too.

Large meal, cheers.

Or for breakfast: bacon and egg mcmuffin, hash brown, orange juice (if drivethru) or tea (if eating in)

Big Mac
Either medium fries or those cheese bites if they have them

Don’t like Mc Flurries and have never knowingly had chicken nuggets

QP with cheese
OG Coke

Might go large if I’m really hungry, maybe get a cheeseburger too

Taxi to Nandos please


Quarter pounder with cheese
Medium fries
Diet coke or a latte.

Maybe a mcflurry if they have the good shit

I had a Mars one a while ago

My gosh was nice

2 x egg McMuffins

Vegetarian so no reason to eat there outside of breakfast hours

Chicken Legend with Cool Mayo
Large Fries
Large Regular Coca-Cola©

These threads are gonna be fun for you hey?

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usually 6 Chicken nuggets, fries and a coke zero

Varies quite a bit but since they dropped the signatures typically:

  • Whatever’s on special OR Chicken Selects
  • Lg fries & Coke Zero no ice.
  • Extra double cheeseburger or mcflurry


Double sausage meal with no egg, coke zero, no ice.

best McFlurries in my experience are abroad - had an ace one in Italy where it had chocolate bits and chocolate sauce, think it was based on a Magnum or something. was awesome.

(don’t worry, I ate plenty of non-McDonalds based ice cream whilst in Italy too)

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