What’s your order (MacDonalds)

Got the double big mac coming my way


I had a Double Big Mac. It was delicious but unwieldy.

One of these days those boffins in the McLab are going to realise that a Big Mac with quarter pounder patties is the way to go. Until that day I’ll have to make do with what we have.


Even 23:30?

We can but hope

The Argentinian Steakhouse burger from Burker King looks phenomenal.

Used to make these when I worked at mcds. Without the disgusting sauce obvs

Oh, the sauce is the element I believe many would consider a key factor of the dish.

literally came here to post this. the double big mac is the right ratio of ingredients, but it needs the quarter pounder patties


The grand Big mac was almost this.

I think they should do a 3 burger big Mac, with a 2+1 structure.

I imagine this would be too weird for the majority of the British public though.

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Definitely too weird for me I’ll say that much.

Just call the 3rd pattie a topper and be done with it

I was going to order my usual unsatisfying but adequate veggie burger meal from McDonald’s but they had a new beyond burger cheeseburger thing so I got that instead, it was good! I don’t hate the taste of meat, that isn’t why I stopped eating meat so alternatives like this are right up my street

Wait they a totally have a proper veggie option now?

There was a veggie bean burger years ago then they got rid of it and afiak it was gone for ages then they brought these weird vegetable nugget things they put in burgers, and now this

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The cheese isn’t good at all but tbh vegan slice cheese never is

No brighton? Do they not know the UK market?!?!!!

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Three fucking McDonald’s in this town and not a single one selling that burger.

Love how they rolled it out first in Nuneaton and Coventry, the vegan capitals of the UK


too much competition, probably.