What’s your order (MacDonalds)

It was the queens number, they’ve retired it like a footballers squad number


Colleague at work got me spicy nugg meal for lunch as a treat and they should make these a permanent menu item. Much better than the last go, way spicier (not unbearably so) but really nice kick even without the (very spicy) sauce

I have quite a high spice tolerance and am very satisfied. Taste way nicer than standard nuggs too

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gonna be real hard to avoid trying some spicy nuggs at some point give how strong the reports are

spicy nugs? interesting

another vote for ‘surprised at how spicy the spicy nugs are’. can highly recommend pairing them with the 40p sour cream and chive dip.

Theyre more expensive than regular nuggs

Yesterday had a chicken legend with BBQ sauce with reg fries and a fanta and 9 spicy nuggets. The nuggs were excellent, spicy and tasty. Also won a mcmuffin, double cheeseburger, mcflurry and a 3 month magazine subscription on the monopoly :tipping_hand_woman:

I won a mcmuffun also

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i had a small fries yesterday.

Were they spicy?


Then why bother

Just won a free hash brown and free coffee to go a long my free mcnuffin card. Got nyself a free breakfast


Keep getting free McFlurrys with every purchase. I really don’t like McFlurrys :slightly_frowning_face:

why is the McPlant so small?

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