What’s your order? (Nandos)

In the first of a new series of threads, laelfy wants to know, what’s your Nandos order?

Feel free to slate mine and others orders, nothing is sacred.


As already stated in the evening thread

Fino Pita (plain)
Spicy rice
Diet Coke

Custard tart optional

butterfly chicken (medium or hot)
peri fries
garlic bread
a bottomless drink of fizzy pop

sometimes get the chocolate cake, it’s really dense

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Something vegetarian
Hot, with some extra hot sauce on top
Peri peri chips and maybe some coleslaw
Last time I went they had cans of 5 points pale.

Not a big fan

Not sure if I’ve been since Uruguay beat South Africa back in 2010, but pretty sure i had a half chicken, extra hot, with whatever seasoned fries they had and a side of macho peas. From memory, the extra hot table sauce used to seem less hot than one of the others, but either way, I’d grab all the sauces and mix them on my plate and lap the lot up like a dog. A very good dog.


I’m not even on NandoBook.



Went over Christmas, massively overpriced isn’t it?

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once about 10 years ago. had to pop down to london on business and the chap i went to see took me to nandos.
thought it was decent enough just never had the urge to go back.

Not been for 7 or 8 years. Didn’t hate it - surprising number of veggie dishes for a chicken joint, but not rushing back…

EDIT: pretty much what ^ @Lo-Pan just said :rofl:

Chicken pitta, with cheese, hot
Peri chips
Bottomless soft drink
Wild herb peri sauce on the side

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Half chicken hot
Peri chips

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mods please edit the thread title to say no Nandos negativity is accepted

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Nah let the haters hate

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When eating meat my order is…

Pitta strips with peri hummus
Butterfly chicken with bbq tamer
Peri chips
Grilled halloumi
Mix of wild herb, garlic, medium and extra hot sauces on the plate

God damn I want a nandos now :sob:

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More or less this ^. Occasionally one of the burgers instead

Houmous and pita
Mushroom halloumi pita no halloumi
Peri peri chips
Garlic bread
Corn on the cob
Fizzy drink


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Not particularly. Works out at about £35 for a sit-down meal (plus drinks, plus dessert for the kids) for a family of four. I reckon I’d be looking at £50+ in a pub and around the same in a Pizza Express or whatever.

Winning so far. But what is a bbq tamer?

A request to use free range chickens.