What’s your order (Subway)

You know the drill

I’m about to go to the gym for 90 minutes so you can say whatever crap you want about Subway tonight.

6 inch
Hearty Italian
Turkey breast and ham
Cheese and toasted
Lettuce, tomatoes, onions and peppers
Chipotle southwest


Maybe a white choc and raspberry cookie

Italian herbs & cheese
Italian BMT
Cheese and toasted
Fried onions, chili flakes, BBQ sauce

Chocolate orange if I’m that way inclined

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Doesn’t matter it all tastes the same. 6 inch, please with all the good bits of salad. No cucumbers. hot sauce.

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Currently it’s a foot long vegan meatless meatball marina
Hearty Italian bread
Sriracha hot sauce
Vegan cheese


Chilli heatwave Doritos

But will also sometimes get one with just veg then fry up a load of tempeh bacon at home and chuck it in with hot sauce. Does this still count? I don’t care.

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Subway is the one place that I really don’t like, so no thank you. When I used to start work at the pub at 6am on Thursdays for beer deliveries, my boss would buy me and the draymen spicy meatball Subways for breakfast even though there’s a place that does really good breakfast baguettes opposite. I’d take a courtesy bite, wait until he’d gone back to the office then go and give it to a homeless guy that hung around opposite and go get myself something from the good place. That’s my Subway story.


Good job title.

I also like stevedore.


6 inch chicken teriyaki with extra onion and onion sauce. too many crumbs with subway though. can’t handle it

The smell when you walk past a Subway is fucking horrendous.

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Also ‘totter’.

Like Tarka?

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I hardly know her!


Sing it!

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6 inch vegan meatball marinara with vegan cheese, hearty italian, no salad, no sauces, NOT TOASTED. Quite partial to their objectively rubbish cookies too, so however many of them gets me a deal, then whatever sugar free drink they’ve got, fanta or sprite or whatever.

i mean i don’t eat there, etc. (veggie)

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Not been in a Subway for 10 years, used to be well into it when I was in school. Now they’ve got vegan stuff I’m quite excited to go in and scarf down a big fat footlong notmeatballboi

Don’t understand people who get it toasted. Weirdly dehydrated but somehow still cold bread and lukewarm fillings with cold veg piled on top. Fuck is wrong with you.

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Italian bmt
Extra cheese
Black olive
Sweet corn

  • Toasted
  • Noasted
  • Dependsted

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