What’s your order (Subway)

I always used to get toasted just because that was the done thing, but maybe I won’t now. My life could be so different.

1 12" Italian BMT, olives, jalapenos, tomatoes, ranch sauce, black pepper
Salt and vinegar Walkers
Large Coke

Loved it on holidays to Florida in the 90s, found it pretty underwhelming this century in the UK.

So judging by the number of replies to this thread so far Subway is way less popular than MacDonalds, Dominos and Nandos.

Chicken tikka or steak and cheese
Chilli and paprika bread
Cheese and toasted
Jalapeños, tomatoes, onions, pickles and sweetcorn
Aioli and hot chilli

Not sure I’ll bother going there again any time soon. Seem to be charging silly money these days.

I’ll have a footlong Italian BMT pls:

Hearty Italian bread
NO cheese
Red onion
Salt & pepper

Bottle of Coke as well m9, thanks


Foot long herbs and cheese
Subway melt
Montery Jack cheese
Peppers, onions, Lettuce

Why do you keep say macdonalds


Not many chipotle fans either, thought that was the king of the subway sauces tbh

I was wondering about the spelling yesterday but couldn’t be arsed to check :woman_shrugging:

I hate the way folk say MACKdonalds. It’s MICKdonalds

Old Mick Donald had a farm

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A taxi to somewhere with edible food

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exactly this except no lettuce, maybe honey oat bread

obviously foot long though

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Interesting fact. Subway is the only place and occasion where toasting a sandwich makes it much worse. Thanks


It’s not though? You can get a six inch, drink and cookie for £3.

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About 10 years ago, is this?

1 sandwich please

how about mars

I don’t know what you’re talking about mate

Meal deal of the day is that, yes