What’s your order (yo sushi)

It’s time for another episode of What’s Your Order.

This time it’s Yo Sushi. Some polls.

  • Have been and will post my order
  • Been, hate it, want to say I hate it
  • Haven’t been but want to say I hate it

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  • I eat sushi at yo sushi
  • No sushi at yo sushi

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i like yo sushi but i don’t have an order, just pick up whatever comes innit


I don’t eat the sushi at yo sushi, I like all the fried stuff :woman_shrugging:

Typical order, if I’m hungry:

Popcorn shrimp
Crispy chilli squid
Cheesecake Mochi

If they don’t have popcorn shrimp (which is annoyingly often) I’ll have chicken katsu curry instead

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Just 6 plates of the fresh custard pancakes with raspberry dipping sauce for me, thanks


I would do that but with the mochi

Only been once, when it opened in Bath and my mate was the manager. No idea what we ate but there was fucking loads of it and it was free. I liked it. There’s one in Drake’s Circus in Plymouth now so maybe I’ll give it another whirl.

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I don’t like the texture of the mochi. Ordered the chocolate ones before and couldn’t finish them.

Anyone ever do the ten plate for £20 offer? Never did but would love to have given it a go.

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Strawberry ones are way nicer - basically just balls of cheesecake

Do they still have that horrible gunky texture though?

A good place to hydrate

Took my son for his birthday and ended up eating more non-sushi than sushi. Hit stuff is good especially popcorn chicken

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I don’t have a set order as such, but had a lot of pumpkin katsu curry lately and always used to just order a salmon hand-roll alongside a few small plates that caught my eye. Also crispy chilli squid is the best thing on most menus, Yo or no

Also their Green Wednesdays gives some good value, lots of £2.50 plates iirr

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Vegetable gyoza
Cucumber maki
At least 2 inari tacos
Wakame salad (RIP teeth for the rest of the day)
Whatever the spicy veg roll is called
Maybe a mushroom steamed bun if I’m feeling flush.

Never been. Not because I don’t want to, just haven’t.

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This is one sitting btw. Total bill £7k


The chips with the chip spice on them

same. weird.

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Sushi was a relatively late discovery for me. And we have a really good place we go to (@hankscorpio Sakura on Albert Road) and have never thought to go Yo Sushi

Don’t like wasabi, and they use it a lot to paste bits together, so don’t really eat sushi.

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