What’s your order (yo sushi)

Haven’t had sushi in years. Only ever had home made stuff friends have made, I think. I’m sure it’s very nice though.

:woman_shrugging: I think it just taste like delicious cheesecake

Woah that’s a lot

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Never been.

Sushi is one of those things that, on paper, I should be all over but, in practice, can’t stand.

You might be surprised then to learn that they sell more non-sushi products than sushi ones

I’ve no idea?
Last time I went was went my plane to frankfurt was delayed.

If we’re doing wagas, I got my order

also pls do wahaca


Both will be coming up. Happy to take other suggestions.

They should change their name then, so as not to deter folk like myself.

They actually did this as a gag last year

Might try a yo sushi. Does everything go round on a conveyor belt like in films and that? How do I know what is what in that case?

Sushi and cold things on the belt, hot food ordered by pressing a button and someone comes over

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Yes it is thank you.

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Almost missed my plane home from Edinburgh once on account of gorging myself in Yo! Sushi.

Unfortunately, I usually only order a miso and a spicy tuna hand roll and then stack up 7 or 8 plates of whatever comes first.

Bang into their miso soup and it’s only like a quid or something
And a beer if I can afford it

Turkish soup, miso soup. Chill out with the soups man!

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Takoyaki and others

Honestly eat so much soup, only stuff that doesn’t make me so full I can’t move for an hour


the best sushi places are all you can eat sushi because i like to eat it by the ton

I haven’t been since doing v*gan but usually I order

About four portions of salmon sashimi
Kaisu seaweed (multiple)
Veg gyoza

Pfft this stuff is actual literal dog shit compared to the authentic stuff you get in Japan (never been to Japan or yo sushi.)