What’s your phone background?


Home and lock screen plz.

My lock screen is a pic I took at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, my home screen is a painting I did in the hospital.

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Pic of my partner, home and lock.


Same for both


:bride_with_veil: :man_in_tuxedo:


Pretty dull m9


Is this your wedding?


it’s no beach at sunset, true


:coffee: :owl: :pie:




I’d like to know what you’re laughing about here


Lock screen is a picture of me and the bf which I like to passive aggressively change to something else like scenery when he’s pissed me off

Home screen is


Home screen is a picture of a Flanders flag I took at the depart of the 2016 Ronde van Vlaanderen in Bruges

Lock screen is a picture of a doodle by my fiancée on a beer mat from La Mort Subite in Brussels


Would be pretty creepy if not M9 :neutral_face:

I’ve just also set my phone background to that picture of @Jeremys_Iron 's wedding tbf :+1:


tv’s wedding car broke down on the way to the venue so she was filling me in on the deets.

As I was waiting for her wondering where she was the wedding planner came over to me to tell me my wife had broken down before correcting herself and saying the car had broken down. I nearly shat myself.




tv as your phone background is the millenial’s photo in the wallet. Would you agree with this sentiment Tony?


I would agree with this and have done when confronted about the fact I have a picture of my old dog in my wallet instead of a picture of my partner.



just this


:grinning: lovely stuff.


Sort out those emails!!!