What’s your ringtone 🎶



Backup alarm

Got a Nokia 3310 ringtone creator app so it’s a rudimentary version of the Match Of The Day theme.



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As I am an adult my phone has been on silent since 2004

Sorry this sounds mean, I wish you and your thread well.


Mate I didn’t even have a phone til 09, your words they mean nothing to me

I’m using that but Vengaboys Boom Boom Boom Boom


Mine is the chorus to this Notwist song;

“Pick up the phone, and answer me at last…”

My phone is mostly on silent, but now this working at home malarkey means that I get to hear it a bit. Thankfully/somehow I’m not sick of the song yet.

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whatever comes with the phone

I’ve no idea, can’t remember the last time it rang. Old Phone?

Edit: yes

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see, so do I? but when I’m listening to music with my earphones, it’ll cut in with the ringtone

which is somehow still this, which I’ve had for maybe four years.

Silent or ‘Huawei tune living (default)’ when connected to headphones or the car

I have no idea how to do custom ringtones on my iPhone so it’s just ring ring

My phone has been vibrate only for about 10 years now