What’s Your Top 3?: Problems with the website

No over-thinking, no spreadsheets, no calculations, just hit me with a top 3 for each topic on instinct alone.

My posts don’t get as many likes as I want them to get
Admins can read DMs
Doesn’t play In Da Club when you open the forums

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the bit that tells you how long you’ve spent reading this website and the inevitable existential crisis this provokes
never had a birthday thread
endless puns


Sensitivity settings are erratic
Distinct lack of poll skills
Board hierarchy is not clearly defined

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Limited accessibility settings
The Summary page rounds up your posts (I’m on 9.9k posts created and would like to know which post in my 10,000th). (You can view this properly on desktop I recognise)
The ‘top post’ summary is based on likes in the OP not replies

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Parody threads
Content theft
Decades-old in-jokes.


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uh oh


:wolf: :european_castle:

Is it still a wolfcastle if I was only 50% joking?

I knew what you were doing, just enjoying the burn :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Can’t see replies to posts on mobile like you can on desktop
“Show who voted” STILL not checked as default
Doesn’t play Let’s Hear It For The Boy when I enter a thread

The wages

Now this I can get behind. Everything else is PERFECT

my monthly fee for posting here is four months overdue.

I sorted thisas part of the migration. It works if the user who originally asked for the feature (won’t name them since they left afaik) enters a thread.

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Is there solution✅ for

That thing where it bounces up the thread when you join a thread
The thing where you swipe back a page and it takes you halfway down instead of to where you were

Not enough silly badges:

Badge for saying people look like Black Country, New Road
Badge for liking a Wiggo in Great Things Posted on Social Media
Badge for posting a meal deal

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too many Simpsons memes

not enough Simpsons memes