What’s your weekday breakfast?

I’m sat here eating an apple muller rice and a chocolate chip brioche but I’d like to start having breakfasts with much less sugar.

What’s your typical weekday breakfast? Give me inspiration please! (Ideally something that will keep hunger locked up till lunch)

One cup of tea.

2 cups of black coffee


Muesli and yoghurt / 2 fried eggs on toast + cup of tea

I don’t have breakfast if I’m on an early shift (which I generally am). Have an early lunch instead.

If I’m day off or on a late, 4 slices of toast with peanut butter normally

Granola w/ berries and yoghurt :+1:


Low sugar granola, Skyr yoghurt and some berries. Washed down with coffee as black and unctious as tar.


hi5 breakfast buddy

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Think I need to go down the eggs and fruit road

I get 2 mini vegetable samosas from sainsbury’s

Closest emoji I could find to a hi-five.

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Usually have a bowl of either granola or bran flakes. Sometimes toast with either marmite or Nutella. Always have a black coffee.

Usually toast (day off). Bagels or a jam sandwich on work days, but once a week/fortnight, I’ll have a bacon bap (granary bap, brown sauce).
Coffee always.


Monday - nothing
Tuesday to Friday - a banana.


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Either instant porridge or cereal (usually Weetos, sometimes sultana bran) and a cup of tea

30g porridge cooked in water with berries or a banana, nuts and seeds and a teaspoon of honey or Demerara sugar on top.

Used to be a no breakfast guy, but I am now a muesli guy (covfefe about 10, banana about 11)

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