hould I do for lunch?


A cup of beans


alright, corbyn


we’re sharing some reduced to clear stuff from M&S:

cheese ploughman done as a toastie 25p
vegetable sushi 15p
some sort of goats cheese quinoa salad 40p


It’s a malayan corn chowder week so I will almost definitely get that


I had sushi and nakd salted caramel fruit and nut nibbles.

EDIT: No idea what you should do! What do you fancy?




Chicken and veg


misery meal deal


Really don’t know. I have the same thing every day where when it comes to lunch time I’m not that hungry, but I know if I don’t eat much I’ll be gnawing at my desk come mid-afternoon.

No option to have lunch later thanks to a recent law from the powers that be.

Might just go to the co-op and see what floats my boat.


Theo, what actually does float a boat?

Is it the water (liquid) that it rests on?

Hmm, I guess not because nothing would float a gold bar.



It’s the fish


This seems likely.


Had leftover curry. Chicken Bhuna, Paneer Mahkani and veggie pakora.


I’ve got a right lunchbox full today:

Bag of Salt and Vinegar flavoured Squares
Mini Melton Mowbray Pork Pie
Bag of Fridge Raiders
Pastrami and gherkin bagel
Mini flapjack


i’m off to the canteen. 6 quid meal deal for a posh sarnie, crisps and a drink. pretty steep but good sandwiches. will either get brie and cranberry or avocado and something.

what time?


Co-op have a nice burrito bowl in their meal deal fyi


Haha, I don’t even know… 10:50…ish.