What series are you into on Netflix?

He’s fine, an absolutely bland presenter is what you need in a show like this. LLB is an awful choice, though I have noticed him cropping up on a few makeover shows on Netflix from Indonesia and Australia so maybe he’s well liked over there?

I’ve probably watched less films than anyone in this thread

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I’ve been to a house party near Shay and Mikey’s house!

Finally twigged who Terry reminds me of…

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but is anyone watching Escape at Dannemora?? Only on episode 3 but I really really like it.

Inmate sweaaaaaat!

Can people who post about not Netflix TV please just bookmark this thread:


Incorrect Netflix posting makes me unduly irked.


Rewatching Fargo, onto season two now. Love this programme.


I feel personally attacked.

hope this is good. probably won’t be out for ages either way.



I’m working my way through Glow and really enjoying it. About to watch the last episode of series one.

I didn’t realise there had been any cameos until I read your post here but just looked up Wikipedia and saw how many there were. I guess says more about how much wrestling I’ve watched in the last 20 years though.

Gonna post this as many times as I have to

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Yeah someone forced me to watch a bit of this Schitt’s Creek and it was so far not up my street. Couldn’t even watch an episode.

Officially quit Murder Mountain now. Boring as.

From what i can remember, it was brightly coloured and a lot of in your face comedy going on that I wasn’t a fan of. It was also recommended to me by a big bang theory lover so that could have tainted it.

I don’t think i’ll be revisiting that one.

I’m with you buddy.

And I still can’t find ANYONE who is watching Escape At Dannemora!!! I have things to talk about!!!


I wish to bring peace to the boards.

Can we preface posts about new programmes with what service they are on? Like I ain’t got a dazzler where Escape at Dannemora is showing and I can’t be arsed to google.

Bless you all.

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Sky / NowTv

And yes ok we’ll do that.

Thank you! I have this!

Watching Camping (Now TV) at the moment which I have wanted to do for so long and it is as good as I expected.

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Oh you should start Escape at Dannemora (NowTV). It’s very very good and they have funny accents and you can repeat the things they say a lot. I need to ask someone why someone said something in a very weird funny way when it was meant to be serious and scary but it was more ridiculous and i can’t stop repeating it.

I also started The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime) because @epimer said it was good and it’s ok. I don’t love it. I probably won’t watch any more of it.

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