What series are you into on Netflix?

ahh is this programme based on this podcast episode? I hadn’t put two and two together. Will have to add the programme to my list.

I’m only a few episodes in so will report back. I’m enjoying it a lot so far. It’s been so long since the last series I am struggling a little to keep up with who’s who. Na’rell and Gem both very tragic characters (going country and announcing that his life ambition is to go and see Arsenal :pensive:) but the bit that got me quite choked up was the two lads selling burgers and sliding £15 to his mum :cry:.

Some great acting, aside from Lizzie and her partner.

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Not Na’rell - I meant Jason. Also liked that Jason says ‘St Pancreas’.

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aye this is incredible, there’s no UK release date slated yet but definitely worth tracking it down*

*standard caveat of don’t research the events it’s based on before watching

Just finished Top Boy.

Its great.

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Yeah this was really powerful. Not up there with the top level of television in terms of acting etc (not sure what you call Netflix stuff) but the key moments were impactful and it was paced intelligently enough to allow the viewer enough time to reflect. Sad that it hasn’t got the exposure that it deserves because I feel like it’s accessible and gripping enough for most audiences to consume and ‘get’.

Also been watching the R Kelly series over the last few weeks. Wasn’t able to binge this at all. Really intriguing as someone whose first real knowledge of him was ‘Ignition (Remix)’ in my early teens.

Very well put together, though.

Not really sure what you mean about not quite up there with the top level of TV. I mean something dramatising life will always have a different feel. For me this absolutely was top level TV. Didn’t once reach for my phone while watching it.

I thought the pacing was a bit odd at times.

Binge watching Dark atm. Imo it’s really great, but scanned through this thread and the people who watched it didn’t seem to be that into it? Kinda weird cos for me it feels like proper sci fi, the sort of existential stuff that PKD might write.


Dark is incredible.

One of the very best shows of recent years in my not so humble opinion.


I’m into it

Really liked it.

Easily one of my favourite Netflix shows, and was really impressed by the second season not dipping in quality.

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Literally just finished S2, thought there were two more episodes to go :cry:

Was just gonna say in here that I really liked that they didn’t bother with all the multiverse rubbish, which to me has generally felt more like a device to trivialise time travel rather than put much of an interesting slant on it. So pretty disappointed with the cliffhanger there, gives scope for S3 to be far less tightly plotted and a lot more messy.

But other than that, really enjoyed the whole thing.


Thought it ran out of steam in Season 2, personally - every episode just built up to a big “character x is actually y / related to y!” twist which got pretty old. Not at all enthused for S3, which promises to be even more of a clusterfuck (or “klosterfleisch” in German)

Actually, I kinda felt like they should have just had two seasons. Something as well plotted as Dark is always gonna suffer from that TV thing of not knowing how many seasons they have to work with


Yeah, I had a problem with that and the other worlds thing as I wrote up thread, but I enjoyed it regardless. Then again I was really sceptical about the future timeline at the end of last season but it ended up being fine, so I’ll reserve judgment on the latter I guess.

Just watched the last episode. Loved it. Kind of wish I’d rewatched S1 and S2 first but too much telly, not enough time.

I share your concerns about S3, I think there’s a real danger of it becoming sloppy. But I was worried about S2 also when we saw Jonas in the post-apocaylptic Winden and that turned out fine, so who knows?

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