What series are you into on Netflix?

just started Series of Unfortunate Events S1 actually
really enjoying it but not sure if Neil Patrick Harris is up to playing Olaf

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Really? Or are you joking?

didn’t think he was that great in the first 2 eps
should have got someone actually old to do it

Nah he’s really very good.


He’s brilliant cough in it.

Bloody loved it

Binged four seasons of Brooklyn 99 over the last couple of weeks. Inoffensive, unchallenging pap AND I LOVED IT. Basically Parks and Rec but set in a New York police department. I can’t remember a single stand out joke or episode but as trashy American sitcoms go, it was one of them.


Couldn’t get on with it, despite the mighty Andre Braugher. Andy Samburg is just an annoying Adam Sandler clone.

So Wild Wild Country is very good. Impressively even handed I thought. Incredible story.

Anyone else fancy Sheela a little bit? :neutral_face:

Nudey shots got to you, eh?

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Cake sniffing orphans in the orphan shack!


I made the decision before they cracked those out

Yeah that is a great new feature. Well done Guardian. Doesn’t look like a great month though… (other than the Bridge)

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I started Archer a few weeks ago, and am now on season 3, and am completely loving it. At first I was put off by the number of seasons, but now I’m just happy there is so much to watch. Excellent stuff.


The Rain is on massive posters all over Copenhagen, they’re going huge on it. Was trying to work out the tagline, one was like “Ven it renen, itten pouren”, not sure what it could mean though.


Dear White People season 2 is out now

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Finished it today, it’s still lots of fun despite Michele being incredibly irritating. The other three are so good it more than made up for it. I wish Rafael could get a break from his bad luck, though :frowning:

Also this scene was great https://raramezcla.tumblr.com/post/173372910933/im-laughing-so-hard-at-this-hsajkshkajshkajshka

rewatched the Jinx. don’t think it’s an especially good documentary and have a few problems with how they made it but fuck, robert durs just absolutely chills me to the bone. what a fucking scary man.

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The end of episode 1 was so upsetting.