What series are you into on Netflix?




Came here to say this.

Excellent work.




Hang on, no, it’s because I properly fancy two of the characters isn’t it.


tearing through Manhunt: Unabomber at the moment - done 5/8 episodes in 2 sittings

sam worthington is really bloody good in it. his female FBI partner is really badly written though - she seems to just say ‘you want us to do what?! how on earth would we do that?!’ every fucking episode.

otherwise really watchable though, keeps you hooked nicely, especially if people like Mindhunter (turns out it actually came out before Mindhunter)


I really enjoyed El Chapo. Started the second series and then at the end of the first episode… eeeeh.

He’s done a lot of cuntish things but I need something to cling onto for my anti-hero. Not sure I want to watch anymore. Not sure I am being too sensitive.


hello balonz


Hello badmanreturns


welcome back


Thank you. It is but temporary.


finished this, really really great series. has some real nuance that is missing from a lot of true crime stuff - much, much preferred the character & arc of Sam Worthington than, say, the main guy from Glee in Mindhunter.

also Paul Bettany is absolutely superb, really comes into his own in the last few episodes. barely knew it was him, which is about the greatest compliment you can give an actor i guess.


Season 1 or 2?


Season 1.


The Sinner - Was pretty good, haven’t seen Jessica Biel in anything for ages, thought she was dead good in this. Glad it seems self-contained also.

La Mante/The Mantis Extremely stupid European serial-killer fare. Very reliable hit of absolute nonsense.


Enjoyed this too. Lots of profiling tropes but still very good. Thought they dipped into lionising him towards the end which was a bit iffy and found his episode a bit jarring. V good on the whole though.


I found it kind of disappointing in the end - JB was good - but the time shifts were a bit jarring, she looked too old in the flashbacks


I thought it all resolved pretty well for something that had the set-up it had. Was setting myself up to be disappointed by the resolution from the get go and was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t.


Best thing she’s done apart from Bojack imo. Un-Biel-ievable.

Bill Paxman was great as well, as the rumpled kinky police man, although the husband was basically American Jon Snow and just as expressive.


yeah you’re right but i think they pulled it back with the victims’ testimonies at the end. just.

the more i think about it the more i loved Fitz’s story, especially how they showed how ostracised he was once they caught Kaczinsky. the final shot was brilliant too. cool little series in all.


I’m home with a dodgy foot so watched all of The End of the F****** World which was added yesterday (being pushed as a Netflix Original though was on channel 4 last year) - really enjoyed it and though covers some very familiar tropes (broken home increases the chances of fucking your kids up etc) the two lead performances are excellent.