What series are you into on Netflix?


I trust them to do a good job with it, but I can’t see it not diminishing what was a really nice one-off

Bin watching a lot of Tintin.

Never realised how much of a nosey, self righteous, meddling twat he actually is. Smug prick.


always on team Asterix


Nobody watches/reads Tintin for Tintin, they do it for Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus and Thompson and Thomson


I’m not saying they do. I’m saying the man is a fucking toolcan, plain and simple.

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Watching Dead to Me. Very enjoyable daft but also, you know, good messages. Good string lead female characters and all.

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fucking hell. could also go in the rolling descent into fascism thread tbh.

also as people BTL have pointed out young gaten is gonna get a shock when the curse of the child actor hits after stranger things ends. kid do better they might be pranking you in 5 years time.

Just had a look through your list on Netflix, but unfortunately Cowboy Bebop isn’t there anymore.

I’ve added the rest of your list to my save list to watch later. Apart from Garden Of Words - I got that as a present a while ago and thought it was just so dull. Not sure I even finished it!
One Punch Man sounds very good from the synopsis though!

Can’t remember what anime I’ve watched on Netflix, other than Attack On Titan which I really enjoyed.

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Just had a look to see what’s there and it’s a shockingly bad selection unfortunately. Real shame.

Echoing @kiyonemakibi Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the only one I can recommend without any reservations, and imo is better to watch with the English dub.

Honestly can’t really remember Samurai Champloo but it’s probably fine?

Death Note is absolutely shocking when it comes to female characters (all two of them) and there’s a fairly major quality drop off, but is still definitely worth watching. My best friend and I were obsessed with it at secondary school, so it admittedly does have nostalgia value for me.

Code Geass falls into every negative anime trope around, and the premise is frankly very offensive, but it can be quite fun and I did enjoy watching it at the time. Might (almost certainly would) struggle to get past the negatives now I’m older / less stupid though. And the second season isn’t up, strangely.

Ah,I had watched Death Note a while ago, but got a bit annoyed with it after five or so episodes and then just skipped to the last episode or two to see the ending.

Ooh, one series I really loved he as rs ago is Paranoia Agent, although unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be on Netflix.