What series are you into on Netflix?

Watched Love Death and Robots the other day. Extremely hit and miss but all worth it for Zima Blue, such a beautiful little film that shits on the last two seasons of Black Mirror.


I started watching Neon Genesis Evangelion today. The animation equivalent of cinematography is incredible so far

Also stranger things 3 was siiiiiiiick

There’s an Alastair Reynolds short story called Zima Blue…is this series based on existing works? Been meaning to watch it anyway but that might bump it up a bit

They’re based on stories by different authors, including two by Reynolds I think


Started on Elementary. Quite enjoying it so far.

Yeah I think most of them are based on existing short stories. There’s also an adap of Beyond the Aquila Rift which is also v worth watching.

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I enjoyed the new Aziz Anzari standup and thought he addressed the Babe article and the wider change in culture well.

Bit weird that Netflix submit Fyre and Homecoming to the Emmy’s as TV documentaries and their films to the Oscars etc. Very having your cake and eating it

Seen they have cut scenes from 13 reasons why 2 years later, probably for the best in this case, but in general don’t think it is good to tweak things from their original

what have they cut?

I wonder if Netflix have cut the played for laughs rape scene from The Boat That Rocked?

ah I see - I got it in my head this was a 90s romcom for some reason

definitely got better as it went along, first couple of eps were a lil creaky like. hope the big lad with the tash and glasses is in it again, great actor.

is it a bad sign the 2nd series has taken this long to arrive do you think?

felt the same way. also much preferred the vignettes with stylised animation to the ones going for photorealism, bit too uncanny valley.

i thought the mary Elizabeth winstead ep was fun even tho it’s a shopworn idea, everyone seemed to dislike it tho.

Excited for this, apparenting Fincher and Andrew Dominik are directing the whole season between them.

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I doubt it, Fincher was probably just busy in the meantime

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Yeah, had been dubious about it from start and then that scene kicked in - turned it off :frowning:

Andrew Dominik :heart: wondered what he’d been up to in the last… 10 years?!

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