What series are you into on Netflix?

felt the same way. also much preferred the vignettes with stylised animation to the ones going for photorealism, bit too uncanny valley.

i thought the mary Elizabeth winstead ep was fun even tho it’s a shopworn idea, everyone seemed to dislike it tho.

Excited for this, apparenting Fincher and Andrew Dominik are directing the whole season between them.

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I doubt it, Fincher was probably just busy in the meantime

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Yeah, had been dubious about it from start and then that scene kicked in - turned it off :frowning:

Andrew Dominik :heart: wondered what he’d been up to in the last… 10 years?!

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watched the fall. first season was good, second season alright, third season really terrible


Loved S1, parts of S2 nearly made me cry, excited for this. Best non-Bojack Netflix original so far I’d say

Plus it constantly winds up internet trolls

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Watched the first episode of Typewriter last night and it was actually a really enjoyable light watch. Love the relationship between Sam and her father, and just the interactions between the characters in general. Also not very scary which is a plus for me. Always interesting to watch shows set places I’m completely unfamiliar with too.

Finally, the modern update we’ve all been waiting for!

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On iPlayer rather than Netflix (same thing innit)

Finally decided to watch Peaky Blinders from the start this week. So far done S1 and the first episode of S2. Observations:

  • Cillian is a National Treasure ©, he’s brilliant
  • Arthur Shelby is equally good
  • Some of the accents are a disgrace. Helen McCrory’s Stoke/Liverpool/Irish/Wolverhampton effort is a shocker, although she seems to have worked through some of her demons in the gap between S1 and S2
  • Loving Sam Neill

the TV is from Wolvo and hated the voices so much we cant watch it :expressionless:

I work in Brum, and my TV is a local. Know what you mean :+1:

Tuca and Bertie cancelled. Irked.

Yeah, makes me wonder what the viewing figures were like, it deserved better either way :frowning: