What series are you into on Netflix?


I caught the first episode on channel 4 but missed the rest but saw it on Netflix today and watched the rest, was a little uncomfortable with the premise at first but it soon moved away from that and was pretty sweet


I’m watching this sitcom called ‘friends’ it’s pretty good


Am dying to check this out as I enjoyed the comic.


Cheers guys


i’m watching it just now. it’s alright.

slightly annoying that it’s subtitled so i can’t piss about on the internet as i’m watching it, i actually have to pay attention :woman_shrugging:

also thought it was about frozen zombies. it isn’t.


weird how they do that


Can’t believe nobody’s said Dear White People, it’s siiiiiiick


What’s up with it?


It was originally a film exploring the experiences of black university students in America. As the title suggests, the race issues are the main premise, but it’s really strong drama. They’ve just taken the film and expanded on the ideas of it and spun it out into a series. First episode I was slightly jarred by the fact that quite a bit of it was lifted directly from the film, but I stuck with it because there was new stuff in there and I was really impressed how they’d recast all the characters so well. It’s interesting to me as a British white person to see these stories of the experience of black people in America in such an ostensibly privileged and middle class setting, that’s not something I’ve seen before. Mainly though it works because it’s a really good character piece, they all feel like really authentic university aged kids, and the script gets great drama from that. It explores the lives of characters who are all distinct from each other, so the race issues in the university affect each character differently and are perceived differently from each of them. And from what I’ve seen so far it’s handled intersectionality really well. It’s in 30 minute episodes, and edited really tightly so there’s no meandering, it just feels like a really satisfying and effective chunk of TV. I’d highly recommend it.


Too much TV at the minute tbh. Fucking loads of stuff on Netflix I like, then I’m also stealing NowTV, and I’ve just seen there’s a new series of Fleabag on the BBC, then there’s all kinds of stuff on CrunchyRoll I want to see as well. The internet has turned me into such a goddamn potato.


Has this ever worked out well?


Fargo? Kind of?








I loved it! Even more than the film actually. So glad it’s got a 2nd series!

Tbf this likely means @ericV won’t enjoy it


Finished my second full watch-through of Mad Men last night and I think it just confirmed it’s my favourite show of all time. I cried all the way through the last episode AGAIN :cry:


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now I’m going to re-watch Friday Night Lights.


Really? That came out of nowhere.