What series are you into on Netflix?

It is the most exploitative and triggering piece of trash. You could almost forgive them for thinking they just got it massively wrong in the first series but no, they’re now trying to show a serial rapist as just some rich kid figuring the world out. Christ almighty.

That’s fucking grim man. I can’t believe Netflix are targeting this stuff at teenagers.

started watching When they See us last night. Very very good.


Undone on Amazon. Made by the same people who made Bojack Horseman. To compare it leans more on emotional/family trauma and the trippier aspects of that show than the more irreverent/comedic side. Like Bojack it has moments that are really beautiful.

Im 3 episodes in and love it so far


Rewatched the last couple of episodes of Tuca & Bertie again the other day. Cannot believe they cancelled this show!!


No one here watching Top Boy ?

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Really loved the original 2 series and I’m very reluctant to watch the new one in case it’s shit.

Y’see, the first two passed me by - not having channel 4 and that - but I watched the whole 1st series on Friday & half of the 2nd series last night. Gonna watch the rest of series 2 tonight & I’m looking forward to series 3 this week.

With all the same people involved I can’t imagine there’d be a huge drop off in quality. We’ll see

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I’m always a but sceptical about bringing stuff back after it’s had a definite ending but I reckon I’ll give it a go.

Unbelievable is a pretty great crime procedural but frustrating too, especially since it’s based on a true case.

It was ok. Couldn’t help but think that all it would succeed in doing would be to put rape victims off reporting the crimes against them.

I watched the rest of series 2 last night & then straight into the new series

I fear you might be right about the revival not quite having the bite of the original

then again, it’s 10 episodes as opposed the original’s 4 so maybe I should give it some time to develop

2 episodes in and I’m loving this in every way possible. Already had multiple moments of relating entirely to the characters motivations or recognising my behaviour or my friends behaviours in some tiny detail. I’m intrigued to see where the trippy, time travel aspects go, but after episode 1 I thought the writing was so strong that they could have made it a straight family drama and I’d still have been addicted.

Looking like a best show of the year for me!

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Thanks for the recommendation of Undone! 3 episodes in and the it’s one of the best things I’ve seen in a while.


I nailed through it soon after posting, can confirm it retains its momentum, so many bits I loved about it, all the tiny little references to previous episodes or even earlier scenes be it visually or sonically. I’ve rewatched the 2nd episode since which is just stunning, one of the best episodes I’ve seen of anything.

I binged The I-Land on Netflix over the past couple of days. This is not, I repeat, NOT a recommendation. Unless you are a sucker for absolutely appalling trash with terrible acting, a plot that tries to be clever but can be pulled apart in every conceivable way, a cast of characters that have zero redeeming qualities. Utter drivel.

5 episodes into the new Top Boy

it’s really good and even though it’s a bit more slowly paced than the original series it still maintains the grit and lots of wtf. BUT there is one storyline that I just cannot deal with and it’s probably the most realistic one in the entire series in terms of what people have to go through

slight spoiler fuck the Home Office & hostile environment it’s quite something that in a world full of drugs, poverty & gangland killings that this is the cruelest element of the piece

GLOW gets one more season


Did not really rate the last one. Felt like I’d missed whole episodes. Maybe I did.

This Unbelievable thing is pretty good. Two episodes in.

Watched the first two episodes of “Criminal United Kingdom” and it is pretty poorly scripted, doesn’t look nice and is not worth watching.

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