What series are you into on Netflix?


Thought it was out next year myself.


I think the first series has received another promotional push over the last month, but no sign of a second series yet.


I’ve been watching The End of the Fucking W***d as well, like some others upthread. I was confused about Netflix claiming it as an original, when finding out it had already been on All4 but I suppose at least that means (a) people will actually find out it exists, and (b) said people won’t have to watch five minutes of adverts before the app crashes meaning they end up watching more minutes of adverts than the actual programme


Enjoying it so far; reminds me of Sightseers (note the presence of Steve Oram) and Submarine (note the shared Wes Anderson influence)


Two films that came to mind when I was watching it as well.

I enjoyed it a lot.


Is it on UK Netflix or am I going to have to watch it with adverts on 4OD/ALL4/Whatever they’ve rebranded it as now.


It’s on Nertflix worldwide, so yes


Couldn’t find it on the PS4 earlier for some reason. Started watching it. It’s really good!

Lynn’s just turned up working in a petrol station.


Imagine my surprise when I found out this was just the first series showing up on the front page of iPlayer for some reason. I’d apologise for getting your hopes up, but really I’m just as much a victim as you are.



can’t wait for the Daily Mail to contact me for a quote


Inadvertantly watched the first two series of Lovesick last night.

It’s not exactly high-brow and intellectually demanding, but in 23-25 minute bites, one or two genuine moments of lol other moments of tenderness and plenty of heartbreak made for a fair evening’s viewing.

Not enough of Johnny Flynn singing the theme to Detectorists though.


The Good Place is very good.


I wish it wasn’t a week by week thing, I like that for somethings but when there is an ongoing story 22minute chunks aren’t enough


Just finished hate watching Manhunter. Sam Worthington channeling his inner a beautiful mind Russell Crowe. Doing that whole weird jittery thing. And as for that accent!! Woah.


Started watching “Godless”


Report back. I watched the whole thing.


Anyone seen Hinterland?


Yep. V good. Solid Welsh bleakness


Started watching the Detectorists. Looking forward to this being the accompaniment to quiet weekend evenings and lunch, pal


Top cast/performances in this. Always forget what an incredible actor Mark Duplass is, mainly because of how silly The League was


Started watching Cowboy Bebop, and was startled by how good it is. I just had it on in the background at first, like I do with sitcoms and whatnot, but realised I was missing loads of interesting moments and character points so I restarted from about ep. 10. Tons of neo-space-noir fun.

Also a massive ‘so that’s where they got Firefly from’ moment. Honestly, Joss.