What series are you into on Netflix?


About halfway through season 2 of The Good Place, the more I watch the more amazing I find it, it’s laugh out loud funny in a daft goofball way yet I’m gripped by the plot and desperate to know how it plays out. Can’t really think of anything else like it.


Also The Crown, I hate period dramas but there’s something nice and snappy about The Crown, it’s never slow or stuffy. Keeps sending me down wikiholes checking on what’s real and what’s not though. And it’s very good for going “Oh, he was in thingy”.


Did you like it? I loved it but no one else seems to have watched it


I honestly don’t know. I enjoyed it, but I don’t know if it was any good. It was all a bit hackneyed and clichéd but it was exactly what I wanted.


It’s always fun when you find the obvious influence for something you already know. Like I’m just starting Girls for the first time and goddamn Broad City is not subtle about the influence haha.

Also Cowboy is great and I still really need to watch the film (I think it takes place between a couple of the last eps, so if you haven’t finished it already then it might be good to try and watch it before you finish the show)


I’m disliking it more as it goes on, after quite enjoying the first half of season one. Just quite indifferent to it now. Am in the second half of season two now, but just kind of watching it to see what happens, as opposed to finding it that funny.

In other Netflix news, I was very happy to see Homeland season six is on there now, as I hadn’t watched it on TV. I started watching the first episode, but couldn’t remember a thing that had happened in the last season. So I went back to watch the last episode of season five to jog my memory, but that also didn’t seem very familiar. I skipped the beginning of the episode and watched about twenty minutes of exciting and dramatic goings on, until I finally realised I was somehow watching the last episode of season six. Dangnammit. Now having to watch the entire series whilst sort of knowing what’s going to happen. Bah.


Anyone watching Altered Carbon?


Altered R Bacon

No I’ve not yet, but seen it advertised all over the damn place. I’ll have a look because it looks pretty and I like looking at pretty things.


I mean to. I enjoyed the book when I read it


I’d heard great things about the book. Got to say the first episode was really uneven, in terms of the acting, dialogue, and the overall look. The quality of the CGI is wildly inconsistent :confused:

I’ll definitely be giving it another go though.


Altered Hams


Watched the last ep of The Good Place today and I’ve spent all day thinking “What do we owe each other?”.


Hinterland is legit ace


Still haven’t watched the last two eps. They’ve been burning through the plot this season.


Yeah, I do think they need to wrap it up soon or they should have already.


From what I heard, Mike Schur mapped out about six seasons worth or something. Dunno how sustainable that is.


Best thing i’ve seen in ages



It’s completely all over the place and nonsense but reasonably entertaining I found.


Watched the first two this evening. There’s enough there to keep me watching the next couple, but it’s really up and down, isn’t it?


Halfway through Dark and really struggling.

I want to see how it plays out, but the pace is pissing me off and I keep forgetting who’s who in which timeline and who’s related to who, etc.