What series are you into on Netflix?


Same… I think I made it to ep. 7 a few weeks ago and can’t quite bring myself to get to the end of the season.

It also seems to rain torrentially a heck of a lot in that part of Germany. A heck of a lot.


Reporting back!

Thought the last episode was proper shite, cringed my way through the lead up to the shoot out and it was all way too “Hollywood”. Thought the 2nd and 3rd episodes were great and the 4th and the 5th episodes were amazing.




watched that Crashing innit. It’s pretty good, VERY CRINGEY, but would say i prefered Fleabag of the two


Watched first series of Lovesick, which was pretty decent but not amazing. It’s very weird seeing a show set in Glasgow where the majority of the characters are English tho, was like that “is that me?”

The soundtrack was pretty naff too but I liked the way it was set out


Just finished Dark and would rate it worse than Lost.


So… second best programme of all time then?


I watched half of this when it was on TV last year because one of my friends is in it - humblebrag spoiler blur but I had to bail after the dinner party episode. Had a lot of promise but something about it just felt a bit off. Worth persevering, would you say?


Hmmmm. I liked the idea but also got muddled with who was who. One jump I can do, jumping all over with grandparents, parents and children was a bit too much.

Nice bit of woods though


it’s only 6 episodes and that one is… ep 4? So yeah i’d say it’s worth pressing on. There isn’t quite anything as cringey as the dinner episode, the other two is kinda the larger fallout from it


Yeah, I got frustrated and bored trying to follow who was who and what happened when. Two timelines was tricky, three was annoying and the end introduced a fourth. Constant fart noises from the soundtrack and the fact that it didn’t ever seem to stop raining didn’t help.

There was no resolution after 10 episodes either, which was the final blast of irritation.


Series 2 prob already being filmed :neutral_face:


yes I can confirm this is bloody excellent


I watched Crashing a while ago out of curiosity post-Fleabag. Definitely one of those shows where I didn’t really find it particularly funny, or even that interesting otherwise, but I kept watching it anyway and found it a kind of cosy thing to watch


the other coach is so harsh :rofl: get yo stupid ass of the field!


the bit where he’s calling out the big kid for going back onto the bus and eating more snacks instead of cleaning it killed me.


gets them thrown off the plane on the way to their first game ffs :rofl:


It finds its feet in the next series, I think.

Or I kept watching it because I fancy half the cast. Pick one, idk.


That’s the thing I know it’s or the sake of drama but I’m spending most of the show internally screaming at the main guy that EVIE IS AMAZING YOU FOOL

Also lol it was called Scrotal Recall originally


Does it bother you at all that the Scottish characters are all fringe? I could buy it more if it was set in Edinburgh but Glasgow?

But I guess the first season doesn’t make it explicit it’s glasgow? Like if you’d never been maybe you wouldn’t think about it?