What series are you into on Netflix?


I found it really distracting, in a “haha I’ve thrown up near those steps” way.


ok good not just me :stuck_out_tongue:

Like obviously I lived in Glasgow with a similar-ish accent (though not as “r.p posh” and with occasional swings towards Scots) for many years, but I was always in the minority by some distance. Like I literally knew only a couple of other English or Scots/English people, the whole time I lived there, and I’m pretty much most people outside of Greater Lanarkshire won’t even bat an eyelid (and it doesn’t even really matter) but it’s very unrealistic.


I’d also maybe forgive it if they were students at Glasgow Uni… but again, nope


They maybe were? It’s kind of hinted at in a later episode with a university reunion bit… but everyone else there is also English.

Should have set it in St Andrews instead, it would have been spot on.


yeah, I was gonna say, knowing you studied there, it would surely be perfect for St. Andrews (or as I say, Edinburgh too).

But even then, a lot of their colleagues or friends/partners are all English as well? Weird.


One of the episodes of the new series is partially filmed in my parents’ flat in Partickhill, it was so bizarre seeing it on TV.


it’s kinda fun pubspotting in that show too, although they seem to be in Finnieston a lot which I guess is a bit more realistic for these characters.


finished second season, thought the last episode was particularly good.


this worth a go?




I started and gave up. Judging by the reviews, I don’t think I’ll miss much. I heard the book was decent so I’ve reserved a copy from the library.


The book’s decent from what I remember of it. The show…well, I watched the first three or so, and I didn’t hate it, but I’ve had zero motivation to go back and pick it up over the last few weeks, which probably tells you what you need to know.


I’m half enjoying Altered Carbon. Some of it is very faithful to the book and some of it isn’t. They’ve crammed in a female cop who is very uninteresting.


It’s fine.


watched one episode and then completely forgot it existed


Deep Space Nine


Anyone watching Everything Sucks? Just finished the first ep and, aside from the pretty ropey first few minutes, I am thoroughly charmed.


I watched it at the weekend 6/10. I thought the main characters were pretty good but the rest were terrible, like you know how right they got the stranger things ensemble this was the exact opposite, where all of the supporting characters made me cringe a lot


What did you make of discovery?


Thought it was both enjoyable and bad, especially wasn’t into the mirror universe and don’t think enough time was given to develop the Klingon war, overall a bit of a mess but I liked having something new to watch every Monday