What series are you into on Netflix?


Watched a lot of Can’t Pay Take It Away recently


I enjoyed Crashing a lot for what it was, definitely had lower aims and depth than Fleabag but the cast was pretty engaging and it had some wildly funny moments.

Fleabag is pretty much perfect though.


I enjoyed it, despite it being pretty cliché. The girl’s coming out storyline was very well done and it had The Impression That I Get playing at the beginning.


Series three of Lovesick:

this show is so weird, there are some really good things about it but it can also be really awful at times? Like some of the characters are so broadly drawn it makes me lol… (Most female characters outside of Evie and Joansie) but then you get Luke who’s quietly developed into the richest/deepest character when at first it seemed he was going to be the most “caricature” that I’m very much rooting for him at this point.

I find Dylan deeply annoying at this point, I also don’t really care about him or Evie now they’re together. Angus is quite frustrating as well like WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SO INFATUATED WITH THIS WOMAN WHO IS CLEARLY COMPLETELY WRONG FOR YOU although I guess maybe that’s what the flashback to when he had recently broken up with Evie (which lol that pop-up at the Barras was NOT there 5 years ago) was that he does that.

Will probably end up watching the next series when it happens though


Four episodes into Jessica Jones. Think I like it, but some of the script is dreadful, and not totally sold on David Tennant as the bad guy.

BUT when stuff happens it is good and I am invested enough, and enjoying it.

(don’t reckon I am ever going to get that TV reviewer gig)


Pretty much nailed where I am with Lovesick too. I perservered in spite of the slightly silly STD storyline underpinning Dylan’s story and have found it funny, heartfelt and downright frustrating / terrible in pretty equal measures.

The development of Luke’s character has been the high-point of the show… from the moment him and Dyland found out about Phoebe’s death - something massively changed in him then. Before that I just thought he was just one of those awful awful LADZ characters.

Is there plans for a series 4? Felt like it had come to a pretty natural end with Evie and Dylan getting together.


No idea but I guess Luke is kind of the main character now? (We are seeing his therapy sessions now rather than Dylan’s callbacks) and Luke’s far from resolved personally even if Joansie(sp?) appears to have changed her mind. Also Angus still has a lot of shit to deal with?

Still also finding it deeply annoying how underrepresented Scots are (although lol at Dylan having a Scottish mum, really wondering if he’s based on me at this point) but then will always enjoy seeing Glasgow on film so shrugs


Yeah, it took me until episode 3 of the second season, I think, to realise that it was set in Scotland at all, never mind Glasgow. Even when they all hop into the car to go to the party in the Highlands in series 1 I didn’t make the link.


it’s weird, isn’t it? Like you’d only know if you know the city. They never specify otherwise, the only clear indicator is the name of the clinic Evie gets tested at in Series 1 because it’s a real place, otherwise, I guess Glasgow Uni in the last episode? But again, that still could be any old University?


my guess is that it was not written to be set in Scotland - and that principal casting took place before they made the decision to set it there (likely for funding/ cost reasons). They then started working in the scottish element into the 2nd series


there’s probably more Scottish characters in the first series than the others! It’s got progressively more English as it’s gone on.

It probably did receive funding to shoot there, yeah, but it also has a weird relationship with the city which would kinda suggest there’s some reason or relationship as to why it’s set there, presumably from the show’s creator… or it’s just really well researched.


Has anyone watched those SLOW TV things? Not really a series as such but I’m currently enjoying Train Ride Bergen to Oslo. It’s basically a 7 hour, unedited train ride from Bergen to Oslo. Front-mounted camera. No music or commentary, just ambient sounds. Obviously excellent scenery. I use it to go to sleep.
Northern Passage looks good too.


can’t seem to find any evidence that it’s just filmed there because it’s what Channel 4 arranged in the original series sooo, yeah. But it definitely seems to be a Glasgow crew working on it, which is probably why it’s well researched


no but I’ve driven that route (well, one of the three routes anyway) so I can picture it :wink:


I have watched that exact one. I really want to go on a mad train ride.


Just finished watching it yesterday.

Visually it looks pretty great in a 100% rip-off of blade-runner style way, and for the most part it’s mildly diverting. However it manages to blow the opportunity to dive into pretty much every one of its interesting ideas by replacing any attempt at philosophical examination with ridiculously violent action scenes and sci-fi cliches.

Also does that really crap nineties thing of switching between the score and really shit rock songs whenever they want to show that someone’s meant to be really hard. “Hey, this person’s moving in slow motion to some sleazy guitar - they must be a real bad-ass!”



Anyone else watching Ugly Delicious? Hipster chef Dave Chang and some food writer explore various food (first two episodes are pizza and tacos), meeting different chefs, exploring the culture etc etc. It’s beautifully done, and will make you fucking starving for whatever it is they’re eating.


Think I’ll only be able to watch this when I’ve got a fat takeaway in front of me and I can gorge in sync. Will be too difficult otherwise.


I watched Tacos last night while eating a big dinner and just wanted tacos as well.


Just finished Wormwood. Very interesting, but should have been a single two hour doc rather than six episodes.