What series are you into on Netflix?


yeah completely agree, was spread very thin over the 6 episodes


Watched the first two episodes of this the other night and have been craving both pizza and tacos since.

Its pretty similar to mind of a chef which is also on netflix. Seems to be basically the same bunch of chefs. Really enjoyed the second season with Sean Brock(From the trailer it also looks like he turns up in Ugly Delicious).


Omg, I also agree!!!


Started watching Cuckoo as I wanted another Greg Davies fix, it’s quite good. Think I now fancy Helen Baxendale a bit.


Gave Lovesick a go after reading above that it was set in Glasgow’s west end. Found the main character boring and unlikable, his pal is a borderline rapist, and all the female characters appear to exist purely to get shagged. Crap.


Everyone is like that in the west end @Lo-Pan :wink:


Just finished Ozark

Not great but watchable. 6/10.


Well we’re certainly unlikable :grinning:


ctrl+f crazyhead

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Go watch that, people


yeah it’s good. shame there’s not going to be another season, thought it had a lot of potential


why call a thing crazyhead tho


Think I’m going to give Atlanta a go. Not sure if it’s on Netflix. I’ve been a bit resistant to Donald Glover after community cause his early music seemed a bit rubs and then he was so annoying in interstellar.


Since I was last on here, I finished the Star Trek reboot - However crap people think it is , still enjoyed it loads. It had the silly plots of the original series, but with way better production. It is no Battlestar Galactica, still I thought the finale was particularly good.

Still to watch series 2 of the Expanse - glad to read on here that it is even better than series 1.
I did watch Lovesick and … enjoyed it. I love a good love triangle (see Crazy Ex Girlfriend) - some of the characters were over the top , but I thought that was the point of it.

  • The Martian

It’s not on Netflix but is on NowTV.

I’d recommend it (Though could do with rewatching it tbh)


Oh wow it really felt like interstellar.


Watched the first two episodes of this the other night and thought it was good (incidentally, I had no idea it was a book so I might give that a go now!). The only nagging irk I had was how that AI hotel had only had one customer in 50 years and managed to stay open.


Watched the three seasons of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix in the last couple of days and I’m kind of in love. I wasn’t huge on the first season (and could still do without the Roland bits) but by season three it’s just so cute and good natured and makes me smile so much. Basically anything with Alexis and Ted in season 3 is almost unbearably adorable :heart_eyes:


Probably would have benefitted from being at least a couple of episodes shorter. But that’s true of about 90% of stuff being made now.


Alexis might actually be one of my favourite tv characters full stop.


It does get better, but also yeah fair enough.