What series are you into on Netflix?


It’s not but it’s a great show - he couldn’t be less like his other characters in this, but a lot of the charm comes from the other characters anyway.


I finally got round to The Good Place, felt a bit sickly sweet in its quirkiness at first but really digging it now. Please don’t tell me it goes rubbish in season 2.


The End of the F###ing World. It’s a bit too knowingly try hard.


it gets BETTER in season 2


Keep going if you’re near the start, it really hits its stride about halfway through and all feels a lot more cohesive


I thought Adam Scott’s cameo as a massive douchebag was by far the funniest bit


LOVE season 3 is on Netflix now
It’s unBEARABLE. The first season was ok and interesting, the second season was god awful and dull and now this season (so far, I’m on episode 3) is insufferable. Micky and Gus are supremely unlikeable. I don’t get it??

I’m giving up on it now. I can’t even hate watch it.


I just got to the end of it, final season apparently. It was alright, best bits were the bits not about their relationship (especially Bertie-centric episodes), Gus gains a bit of self awareness in the penultimate episode but there is loads of stuff he kind of got away with


They’re just not likeable though, are they?
Am I supposed to despise them and everything they say/do?

@1101010 Theo you were watching this before weren’t you?


yeah think they messed it up, were aiming for flawed but instead landed on awful people


Thought the first series was very male gaze with an attempt to make an equivalence between Gus being a terrible person and Mickey just not being great but clearly for reasons that made sense.

I mostly accepted watching S2 for Bertie and TBH thought it was an improvement including rolling back a ways on the male bias of S1 but it never charmed me.


I quite like it. both characters are insufferable but I like Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs and I love Claudia O’Doherty. can be pretty excruciating


Yeah, I feel this way. There’s some likeable bits and I’d probably cry in the finale if I ever bothered watching series 3, but I don’t think I want to watch a bunch of unlikable nerds being toxic to each other. I think there’s sort of a good show in there somewhere though. Mainly I just hate him and his nerd friends, making up songs for fake tv films or something. Very cringe. I like how that child embarrasses him a lot in his job. The best characters I remember are; Bertie, Judd Apatow’s kid and Chris Rock’s brother.


I never saw Season 1, joined in Season 2.

I enjoyed Season 2, even if it was a bit wish fulfillmenty. If Season 1 was shit I can imagine Season 2 not being able to course correct that.

Season 3 we watched over the weekend. The main guy does a lot of shit that I just don’t get. Loads of Retconning and the script causing him to fuck things up, yet the ending is a damp squib.

The Bertie storyline is worth it though. Give me a Bertie spin off.


Just watched the season 1 finale :open_mouth:


they knock these out fast don’t they

hmmm - yeah don’t think I’ll be able to handle this


And Mark Everett.


I am thoroughly enjoying this. My boyfriend is hating on it. He finds the guy really irritating and thinks its a really terrible program without a true vision or anything. He also reckons the guy is obsessed with bringing everything back to Asian food and i’m like ffs he’s an asian chef what are you expecting


It does feel a bit directionless but I kind of like that.


Here’s a thing. We watched the first episode of season 3 at the weekend (although I would like to bin it off). Went to watch the second episode yesterday and on the menu it took us to episode 1 season 3. Read the description and hadn’t seen it… we thought we had finished the previous season last year but had missed the last episode… what are we like!!!