What series are you into on Netflix?


recently got Netflix myself. have worked through mindhunter, thought it got better as it went along and was must-watch after the midpoint.

manhunt unabomber: the lead performance is a bit tonally off, I think he’s supposed to be awkward and a tad unhinged but sometimes it veered into comedy at the wrong point. however, how fucking good is paul bettany? the episode where we just spend an hour exploring daddy ted’s life was one of my favourite hours of TV in a long time. bettany is good, folks.

have just redone bojack and rick and morty, great stuff. looking for something else now but don’t know what I’m in the mood for.


Watched the first 20 minutes of the new Gervais stand-up before turning it off. Fucking awful stuff, just ranting about SJWs like a Russian twitter bot


I’m scrolling up and up to see what series you are actually talking about.

Can you maybe summarize?


I watched the first 5 minutes of one about 5 years (I think) ago. The opening “joke” was “Susan Boyle looks like a m**g! Well she does!!”.

I decided there and then that the office was a total and undeserved fluke.


No sorry, I can’t.


On Amazon Prime we’ve just started on Please Like Me, only five years late. But better late than never.


Just watched it, really enjoyed my time with it. It’s far from perfect, but there’s some really good stuff in there, thought the central…sextet? relationship was handled really well. Lots of right-side-of-corny too

Also got some serious serious nostalgia with the soundtrack


2nd series of Jessica Jones, 10 episodes in. I loved the first series a lot because I felt despite all the super power stuff it told a simple but interesting story a survivor of rape overcoming her abuser and it was done well. This series is different and a little more convoluted in its theme Past trauma’s? Mother/daughter relationships? Family? but it’s still very watchable and interesting, just hasn’t gripped me in the same way the first series did.


Just the craziest ramp up in quality in Season 2 IMO. So weird how much it improves over time.


SBS has The Bridge S4 so we’ve started in on that (watched 3 episodes, spoiler fans). Usual stuff but somehow even though every series uses the same plot ideas, revolves around the same ludicrous “no mate, that wouldn’t happen” beats, it manages to stay compelling and interesting.

One thing I realised is I have zero idea how to distinguish between Swedish and Danish but I’m guessing the show constantly switches languages and this is immediately telling the viewer where each location is. I guess @BodyInTheThames or @whiterussian might be able to confirm? The point is that I never really know the geography at play with the show. I realise that some stuff happens in each location but there’s no sense for me of two different countries.


Meow I watched season 3 of Love over the weekend and I liked it - like loads more than Series 2.

Sorry - can we still be friends?


No. I gave up on that shit!! I can’t even face putting it on to hate them all.

maybe we can still be friends


they aren’t as awful in this series though


They’re DREADFUL. How can you say they’re not awful?? Everything they do is so fake and forced and it doesn’t feel natural. They’re stupidly twee.


:grinning: I can’t muster up a good argument I’m afraid


Started both Flint Town and Wild Wild Country over the weekend. Both seem very good.


I started watching this new doco series last night - seems decent



oh you beat me to it!


Hahaha cause you know i’m right Tim. You know i’m right.


Mad isn’t it. One of those things that is so mad that it’s nuts that I hadn’t ever heard of it before.