What series are you into on Netflix?


Re-watching loads of Louis Theroux. Currently on the episode about dogs in LA and it’s making me sad because I love dogs so much.


Just finished season 2 of peaky blinders and they don’t appear to have season 3😡


I think the look is ok - they’ve made an effort with the different facials. They used to look all the same, now we’ve got an albino one. Yeah. What bugs me is the language - very slow, I just want them to speed up their dialect a bit. When they speak it takes ages …


it has more of a knowingly clever plot than parks which might out some people off, but it’s a similar brand of humour so deffo worth giving a chance


Just read a synopsis and looks like fun.

Will report back.


We watched about 3 series in as many weeks. There are some really funny and heartwarming bits. Leslie and Ben have just got together and I hope it doesn’t get boring now

It’s somehow a little weird to think that people were watching this, all into it and looking forward to episodes for years.


I like Parks and Rec but it’s disheartening to think Leslie would have supported war in Libya and intervention in Syria.


Big fan of series of unfortunate events


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Started Mindhunter, the new Fincher series on Netflix today. Seems alright.


Where are you up to? The drop-off in quality after the first season is astounding IMO. But that first glorious season is pure gold.


… just finished the first season :open_mouth:

Saw S2E1 and really enjoyed it, but I can see how it couldn’t top this:


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

He’s kind of a dick, but some episodes are quite interesting.


Bojack, persevered through the first half of the first season and now it’s quite good.

Before this it was Ozark which was absolutely crap.


Finished season 2 of the Expanse last night. It really is very good.

Have been persevering with Wynona Earp but to call it a mixed bag is being pretty lenient.


Salem. Series 1 was interesting, series 2 is dragging a bit and has gone a bit silly. Good intro theme song though.


The Expanse :heart_eyes: :star_struck:
Where is @dingaling? Let’s all talk about how Amos shouldn’t have grown his hair.
Have you read the (very excellent) books?


Also watching and really enjoying Maron and Love. New Bojack is amazing.
The latest Marc Maron special on Netflix is excellent too.


Just started to watch it now. Love the premise, and some sweet gags already.


Only really investigated Marion’s podcasts and show in the last couple of weeks, really into the guy.