What series are you into on Netflix?


yeah - love a good crazy true life story yarn


watched ep1 of this last night

seems decent so far. love me some cult bollocks though


Enjoying Wild Wild Country


Might start Wild Wild Country later. Anyone seen it yet?


le wildoi


Shitting hell, episode 2 was insane.


Have you guys heard of Wild Wild Country? It’s a new series on netflix.

I binged most of it last night and finished it today, was really into it. After watching Ep 1 I felt like they were probably gonna spread a relatively minor conflict too far over 6 hours but holy hell was I wrong, completely insane hwo it all kicked off.


Got half of the last one to go and I can’t believe how mental it is and how seemingly forgotten it must’ve been for it to have completely evaded me up until this point.


yeah totally, exactly the kind of thing i’m into and it had completely passed me by. seemed to grab a lot of headlines and stuff like johnny carson singing bye bye bhagwan was crazy.


Also, how wild is it that it was in the fucking mid-eighties!? Like it seems like the sort of dime-a-dozen 60’s pseudo-religious hippy stuff that was very prevalent then but it’s right slap-bang in the middle of fucking Reagan era, neoliberal America. Mad.


I finished watching it last night

Great story - yeah the 80s were proper crazy at times


the stuff with

the homeless people getting drugged/ sedated and it turning out they were only there to vote was mind boggling


i feel like they were pretty hard done by tbh. no doubt some dark shit went down but seemed to be far more about the US flexing their muscles to get rid of outsiders they didn’t like than actually charging them with crimes they’d actually committed.


no good guys in this story really


also I dropped off a bit during the last episode so may need to rewatch. Hope I didn’t miss anything too major


The war hero who forced a surrender out of the Nazis and then became an Olympic record-breaking coach who invented Nike trainers with a waffle iron IMO


he was pretty much chief “we don’t like outsiders here, this is america” though


oh sure - but he wasn’t actually interviewed (due to being dead). His son was refreshingly “rural” considering he must be a billionaire


Well yeah, but that’s a hell of a life innit.


think i fancied sheela tbh