What series are you into on Netflix?


Binged it last weekend and couldn’t believe that they managed to create a season more frustrating and detestable than the second season! Gus, Micky and Randy are literally the WORST! There was absolutely no drive behind any of the relationship or workplace storylines and nothing to truly root for. Agree with @ttf that the Bertie centric episodes were worth the price of admission (to some extent) though but CHRIST it was such a slog…


It’s such hard viewing and not enjoyable at all!
I watched 2 more. The sick one and the Bertie birthday one which was then best episode of any season of Love cause it had zero Gus and just a tiny bit of Mickey.


Loved Wild Wild Country. Can’t believe I hadn’t heard of them before. Asked a few people about it who were alive and can remember this going on, about half said they knew people who went over either to Oregon or India to be a part of it at some stage!
Want to read/see more what it was like from standard people who were a part of it and what they think looking back now, not just the higher ups like you saw in the doc.


Yes I was thinking the same - all the interviewees were inner circle type people. I want to hear it from the POV of a few regular red shirt drones


Can’t remember which episode but the one where Bertie had a go at everyone was my favourite, the annoying characters were there but she was having a go at them so it was ok


Started rewatching Manhunter except i’m skipping all the bits about their home lives, it’s much better. Really weird how there’s one episode in the middle of the series that’s only 34 minutes long (compared with 48-52 normally). I wonder what got cut.


Multiple people I know think the good place is, and I quote, “a generic E4 sitcom that just happens to have Ted Danson in it”. I’m not sure if can remain friends with these people.


Quite a few Netflix originals seem to have variable runtimes - perhaps the showrunner just felt that that particular episode had said all it needed to say and that anything additional would have been filler?


Dont really know much about netflix’s commissioning process but it would be extremely odd to set out to intentionally produce one episode that’s drastically shorter than the others. Far more likely there was a story strand they decided to cut in the edit.


Not saying you’re wrong, but Master of None, Stranger Things and (particularly) The OA had variable episode lengths IIRC. I agree that such a drastic difference hints at something else going on though


Am a bit behind on my Marvel stuff so I just finished The Defenders. Fairly crap, wasn’t it?

The Hand are so dull as a threat, I couldn’t really figure out what their plan was supposed to be or get any sense of danger from them. The whole thing you were just told about how dangerous they were without any proof. Elektra and Iron Fist were laughably hammy almost every time they were on screen too. Everyone else was all right though.

Punisher and second season of JJ next then, hope they’re a bit better.


I thought the defenders was ok (really liked JJ / DD as a combo, thought IF being the comic relief worked quite well too) but yeah, the hand constantly respawning got old quick. fucking criminal waste of sigourney weaver in that show too

can confirm both the punisher and JJs2 are better


yeah they did work well together all right! and there were some funny moments with the others ripping on IF, yeah. also quite enjoyed Luke’s “I’m not going to hug you” :smiley:


My sister didn’t like the Good Place because she found the characters annoying. It’s a show I like a lot but can understand why you wouldn’t.


No totally, not enoyable in the slightest! The worst thing about it was that Mickey and Gus just never worked as a couple and the show spent most of the season showing how much they grew individually without each others help. The ending was absolutely ridiculous!

That Bertie episode and her season arc were definitely the high points! The only other character I really liked was Jordan Rock’s character and was glad he got more screen time even if it meant him appearing in Gus’ terrible short movie…


Yeah The Defenders was fine, definitely enjoyed it more than IF and the second half of the second season of DD. Like @Jamos said the series was worth it for some more screen time for JJ & LC plus I found their groups ‘banter’ much funnier than any of the stuff in MCU film universe. The characters bounce off each other quite well!

Not gotten round to the Punisher or JJ S2 yet.


Well I will say @ericV is wrong but I’ve only seen it drastically different in the OA.

I don’t really know how they can sell it to another territory’s terrestrial TV if they need to but either they are so big now they don’t have a significant number where there isn’t Netflix. Or else, like Top Of The Lake, they’ll just chop in bits of other episodes. I’m not kidding, TofL has 6 episodes on the BBC but 7 internationally or something. Given each episode was directed by different people that is so odd.


I mean have they watched to the end of S1? Because it really is like that until you near the end of S1 IMO


The one thing I don’t think works in the good place is basically all of the various configurations of characters supposedly in love with each other at various points, always seems shoehorned in


Favourite Good Place moment was when Janet is described as Busty Alexa and our Echo Dot came to life and got confused trying to process the following dialogue