What series are you into on Netflix?


Not sure how any of this is meant to prove me wrong :rofl:


Okay well here’s the creators of The OA talking about why the episode lengths are so different



Netflix removing capitalistic restraints!


I know, they should just call it CommieFlix and be done :grinning:


Started rewatching Schitt’s Creek pretty much straight away, because I was suffering from Alexis withdrawal.

Now also watching Reply 1997. I was at the peak of my Infinite obsession when that came out, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it because I thought I’d be embarrassed. It’s actually kind of cute / super watchable and the acting works. Very pleasant surprise. Definitely giving me major k-pop nostalgia… almost tempted to try and get back in to it but I don’t know anyone who has debuted in the last three - four years so I think I’d feel a bit lost.


Flint Town is seriously, seriously good. Top tier documentary making.


Ugly Delicious w/ David Chang (momofoku dude) is tops food show fans


finished a rewatch of Mindhunter, sorta liked some bits better and others worse.

gonna watch that Oklahoma bombing documentary next


Wasn’t it transphobic as fuck too? A mate started a 500 comment FB post on this the other day.


Enjoyed WIld Wild Country. Mental stuff. I think Baghwan was heavy stoned for most of it. I loved the unintentional comedy when he said "I am very careful not to sleep with the secretary’

I’d agree with the “we don’t like outsiders here" sentiment they were on the end of but there were some really dodgy things about them and I still wasn’t really clear on what they actually believed in or represented.

Loved that Damain Judado AM AM song as well.


I may or may not be enjoying Santa Clarita Diet. Something inherently hilarious about Timothy Olyphant playing a comedic role.


Really enjoyed The Mechanisms from the Narcos director. Good stuff


Joel McHale’s Netflix show is a very enjoyable slice of fluff every week.


Have just started Hannibal season 2. I like it, mads mikkelsen is great and he wears a suit well.


i didn’t know where else to put this, but that show The Americans really bothers me. ‘let’s literally show someone getting burned to death slowly, but the focus is on our protagonists who we must humanise at all times despite them going around killing innocent people constantly’ …

this ‘humanise bad people’ trope needs to go away for a while. people get sniffy about horror films but at least you’re supposed to hate the bad guy generally speaking


Yeah we’re watching this, very mindless, basically Harry Hill’s TV Burp with less of that gurning mug.


That show is a total visual treat Lopes! The second series is probably its best too.


Totally banana slug with Everything Sucks! The mother and son dynamic between Luke and Sherry is absolutely brilliant.


Watching wild wild country
Sheela is an all time great character


Nobody knew how dodgy they were when they started pointing guns at them and bombing their hotel. Doesnt really matter what they believe, being a bunch of wacky hippies isnt a crime.