What series are you into on Netflix?


Love this show. Perfect easy viewing, my future husband Olyphant and funny too.


I agree about the hotel incident but I the dodgy aspect I was referring to some was there actions after that. I think they lost there way and went very far from just being a bunch of wacky hippies. In that sense it was a good documentary as you got a balanced picture of what happened.


Just finished watching all of it. It made me quite melancholic in the end, as the followers of him seemed to love him so watch, it was quite heartbreaking when it got to the end when he had died and they’re talking about it. I felt most sorry for the women who was assigned to try and kill the doctor. She really didn’t seem an evil person at all, just sucked into it all.

As mentioned above, no one really seemed innocent in it all. A lot of tit for tat, with the next one elevating above the last.


finished Everything Sucks, found it absolutely delightful, much better than I expected after the first episode
:heart: principal messner


Yeah it was just nebulous.

Explains why when mum and everyone she knew left they all ended up getting into




Finished Jessica Jones s2 this evening. Think I may well be done with the Marvel tellyverse


very glad megan left don



Also one of my fav scenes from later MM, the song selections just knocked it out of the park sometimes. Where are you up to now then?


bert cooper just died and they’re gonna be bought out by the agency they previously rebuffed. I think I see don finishing up with nothing tbh. oh and Ginsberg just sliced off his nipple :hushed:


Ginsberg is my favourite character towards the end and what happened to him was so sad! But it still felt like it worked for the show, like he symbolised all the late 60s paranoia. Wasn’t that the least sexy threesome you’ve ever seen also?


that threesome was awkward AF but the morning after was especially bleak, with the other woman just exiting immediately with a really hard to read look on her face and don sacking off megan to go back to NYC, leaving her alone and miserable in the kitchen. really liked it when he next called her to tell her he was coming out and she just said, “don…” ultra mega burn, he totally deserved it. also quite enjoy joan voting to fire him (“he keeps costing me money”)


I want to rewatch Mad Men so badly now!

What did you think of the Bert song and dance number? I actually would have really enjoyed it as the finale of the show, with a few tweaks of course. Just so weird and left-field but still heartfelt and true. Some really good stuff happens in season 7B though so I’m glad we got more as well. I’ll be interested in what you think of one character in particular …


Finished Bloodline yesterday. I will miss that old ponderous bastard. Last couple of episodes were pretty waz.


Currently enjoying Lost in Space. Lighter family entertainment but really well done.


quite enjoyed cooper’s little ditty, thought it helped to rehumanize him after the fairly distant/cold role he’d played since the merger and it sent him out the right way. One minor criticism I have is that I don’t feel like they’ve really grappled with the interaction between the counterculture and advertising. They’ve sort of dabbled here and there and obvs there are some hippy types at the agency but I was hoping for a bit more depth. Still say lane’s downfall is the best gutpunch they’ve thrown. the speed at which it happened was horrifying. Looking forward to this final stretch of episodes now.


GLOW season 2 - 29th June


Been looking forward to the second season of this


watched 3 episodes of Flint Town last night. obviously pretty heavy themes throughout but it got pretty grim for a different reason in ep 3 and i’m a bit worried about the path it’s going down now