What series are you into on Netflix?


Has anyone watched Sense8? Only just found out it’s Lana Wachowski today.


Watching ‘the babysitter’ now. Who would’ve thought a film from the director of Charlie angels and terminator salvation could be so bad!


Have become a bit of a true crime buff so I’m working through their documentaries. Very good.


No, I haven’t read the books.


Also keep dipping into Thick of It on a regular basis. So many great peripheral performances!

Steve Fleming, Julie’s Nicholson, John Duggan, Robyn, ‘The Fucker’…

Can’t think of too many shows that are so multi-layered that they stand up to so many re-watches.


Well, if you like the series you are going to absolutely love the books. With no shadow of a doubt. They are superbly written and Avasarala (who is great in the show) is a million, bajillion times better.
You’re in for a treat


Was GLOW worth it? Saw two eps and found it dull


My little brother has just started watching this. He’s just turned 14. I’ve only seen two episodes… I’m okay with the level of language for him, but would you think it’s appropriate enough? Seems to tackle those issues in a funny way. It doesn’t get super dark or violent does it? He’s a precious thing aha.


Pretty Little Liars. Complete garbage so obviously i love it. Very into reading the episode discussion threads from reddit as soon as each episode is finished.


Dunno, I’m only a couple of episodes in. Does seem pretty adult, though.


Pretty sure I read it’s more Matrix 2 than Matrix 1 so I avoided…


Which series are you up to?


We have been blasting Suits. So much better than I was expecting!


Just watched the series 4 midseason finale… I’m kind of fed up of the question:answer ratio at this point. Have you seen the whole 7 seasons?? If so OMG I might just talk at you because I have no-one else to chat to about it :’’’) my hatred for Aria is balanced out only by my love for Spencer.


Yes and no…I bailed around series 4 or 5 because the writers are on crack or something, BUT I stayed subbed to some pll forums so I know what happens. It was like an addiction I neeeeded to know who uber A was!

Ezaria makes me want to fucking scream though it’s not cute it’s not romantic it’s fucking statutory rape and frankly I think he ruins Aria’s life. He’s a scumbag and I hate how they normalise it. Hannah was always my fave though :slight_smile:


i’m watching this native american cop drama for the second time called skinwalkers: the navajo mysteries. it’s terribly directed, acted and shot, yet there’s something really charming about it.

dat font


Thought the Expanse S1 was pretty tacky and silly, loved season 2 though to my great surprise. Netflix recommended I watch the Ascent based on my viewing of the Expanse, which has the most hilariously stupid premise/twist you’ll ever see in sci-fi.


such a great band :heart:


Not a series but just watched Straight Outta Compton and blubbed like a baby. Wasn’t expecting that.

Then educated the TV by showing him The Hip Hop Years on You Tube and now I just feel an impotent rage over how little has changed re: racism/police/politics in 20 years. Might need some comedy this eve to balance things out.


I loved GLOW but if you didn’t like the first two episodes then I don’t think it’ll will get any better for you.
FWIW it really hit its stride when Alison Brie finds her character. About episode 5 or 6 I think.