What series are you into on Netflix?


GLOW season 2 has been fucking superb. Also really enjoying Happy! but not finding it as eminently binge-worthy, probably on account of how fucking dark it is.



loved Glow season 2 - the final episode stretched credibility a bit but it was still lovely

I especially enjoyed the episode that was just a whole episode of GLOW the show


thought it was a bit cheap that they reset the sam / ruth relationship so they could just redo that “sam slowly starts to trust her” arc but that’s a minor quibble. excellent show, probably the best of the netflix originals?


Might start watching Glow tonight, any good?

Edit: Just realised you’ve just been discussing this.


watching flemish psychological thriller Tabula Rasa on my train journeys. also rewatching Please Like Me


What should I watch on Netflix tonight


Ugly delicious. Hipster food bullshit. I’m enjoying it.


Loved this series - really enjoyed the social / historical context of the food discussed and looking at the future. I am a sucker for a food show which is just people talking really passionately about delicious stuff (like Fuck That’s Delicious).



Completely agree that this episode was awesome. It was great after the episode that came before it. Almost, a fuck it, we’re gonna go as campy as possible


FUCK so up for this, i watch the Hammersmith Odeon '75 DVD obsessively


They’ve just added 8 seasons of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown so that’s me sorted for the next month or so then


been watching Bordertown to try and fill the scandi noir hole in my life right now.

it’s not great so far. I mean it’s fine and i’m probably going to keep watching it, but yeah.


I’m working my way through this in order now as well. I watched the episode in The Congo last night. So good.

This is not at all related to the thread, but did you see that The Guardian have published his last ever interview:


fuck yes


I always see people’s last ever interview. Does this mean that celebrities are always being interviewed but rarely published?

Like the press are sitting on the interview for the right time for it to be published?


So Netflix ordered an animated Fast & Furious spin-off, and the premise is… just… something else?


Started watching Dark Tourist yesterday, despite terrible name it’s pretty good. A New Zealander Louis Theroux wannabe samples weird / dark holiday experiences - Fukushima tours, New Orleans Vampires etc.

Absolute pap but very watchable.


New series of Last Chance U. It’s with a new team and coaches. The head coach is an absolute tool. Still definitely watchable and enjoying it as much as the other seasons