What series are you into on Netflix?


Ah fair does. I just found it a bit dull. Might pick it up again but probs not aha


Watched 8 episodes of this now, very compelling in a Zodiac type of way.


is it based on the john douglas book? what’s the setup/format?


surprised that people think he’s a dick tbh, I’ve been a big fan for years and his ability to engage with people around the world along with having a laugh and respecting their customs is really second to none.


I started this a few years ago and was like…this is a bit shit but oddly compelling? Until I was so hooked and still miss it :sob: but not enough to rewatch it


I love Bourdain but can totally see why people think he’s a dick - he’s basically the American Clarkson, flashy prick who jokes about murdering prostitutes.


except, he doesn’t.


Except in basically every episode of the Layover…


Just about to start Mindhunters. I really liked Zodiac, so hopefully this is similar.

In Making a Murderer news, we interviewed with one of Brendan Dassey’s attorneys for a nanny share! She turned us (and our ace nanny) down :frowning: The lady was on screen in a couple of episodes. She confirmed the next season is Dassey-centric and that he’s probably not guilty and the victim of a good ol’ fashioned rail roadin’ - but we all knew that already. I didn’t have a chance to badger her further for an Avery take.


just finished the last episode of that. fucking brilliant series


I watched the first episode of AV with Wor Lass and thought it looked really well done.

I’m half an hour away from finishing Iron Fist. I love the comic but this is terrible - don’t bother watching it. Badly written, badly paced and plotted, mostly badly acted.


Jane the Virgin - glad Netflix picked this up after E4 dropped it after two seasons. Just started season 4 today as they’re doing it in line with the US.


I’ve not read the books but I’m really excited! Avasarala… the casting is so frustrating. She’s got the looks and the gravitas, but I find her delivery SO poor (I remember when the actress was in 24 and had the same problem)

I really flip flop on Amos. Alex is my fave though :sparkling_heart:


Alright yep, i’m all over mindhunter.


Did anyone watch Lady Dynamite?

Season 2 is coming soon and the first season was just one of the greatest and most clever comedies have ever seen. I absolutely love it and have watched it maybe 4 times over and never get bored/notice more things each time.


I really enjoyed it! Maria Bamford is adorable.


The Diane voice :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: and that whole episode really
I should watch it again probably as I’m not sure I followed it all properly. I’m usually cooking or doing chores or whatever when I watch Netflix comedies


It took a while for me to get used to Avasarala too but I adore that actress so much. It’s all about the gravitas. She has absolutely miles of it. It’s a shame she isn’t more like the book version. She took a step towards it in S2 with a little sweary tirade but she is such a potty-mouth (I was about to write ‘in real life’ then) in the books.
I hope you enjoy them. They’re actually excellent and Alex is even more adorable. He’s such a cutie with his Mariner Valley drawl.
I love Amos completely but get the clippers out, mate. Your hair is far too nice and fluffy. Get it gone!


Did you find the bar scene in the first ep a bit… off? My TV nearly gave up after that.

It’s certainly picked up after a slow start. We’re both pretty excited about it.


the romance is the worst aspect of it i think, but i’ve read the book and have a big interest in the guy it’s based on, and now it’s getting more into silence of the lambs/zodiac territory it’s really picked up. i’m not crazy about the main character or the actor playing him, but everything else is pretty good.