What series are you into on Netflix?


You could watch Better Call Saul first.


Was going to skip it like I did Iron Fist and JJ S2, but slowly crawling through Luke Cage S2…

I know it’s been said a billion times, but why are these Marvel series 13 episodes? I could just about stomach 10, but 8 would be the sweetspot.

Guessing it would save a heap of production money and think it would do a great deal in stopping some general resentment towards them.


thing is, the general resentment doesn’t exist outside of very loud people on twitter. LC alone has won tons of awards and has something like 90% approval on RT. Much like the endless films, there’s a misconception that they need to change anything: they’re fucking cleaning up.


Yeah i’m sure they know what they’re doing and follow what the algorithms of the viewing habits of subscribers tell them.

I guess the plan is just get as much content out there as possible and hope the eyes stay. Personally: if I see 13 episodes of Iron Fist = hell no. If I see 8 episodes of Iron Fist = might watch.


agreed, it def seems like there must be people out there with a far higher tolerance for marvel nerditry, and say this as a devout comics jerk


is that Dennis at the back do we think


well quite.


Finished S1 of Good Girls, which was alright.

It’s like a Breaking Bad/Desperate Housewives mix. Breaking Housewives?

Ludicrous plot and some clunky emotional moments, but Stan and Ruby are great and Allison Tolman is brilliant too.


found it a bit of a slog, feel like a show with that premise should be a lot more fun. everyone in it is really good but the endless cycle of “we’re out, phew OH NO WE’RE BACK IN” was a bit tiresome


The Japanese live action movie is worth a watch too and is on there.
As it’s a japanese production they havent completely fucked it over a la Death Note USA.


A few episodes into Flint Town, which is pretty good.

Got the Vietnam and Bobby Kennedy documentaries on my list but they seem pretty massive so a bit worried about diving into them.

Also going to re-watch last season’s BCS before starting the new one I think.


The Vietnam doc is brilliant


What’s it called?


The Vietnam War: A film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick



Cheers all @thewarn


4 episodes into this and it’s been eye-opening and heartbreaking and absolutely infuriating how it seems nothing at all was learned from the whole clusterfuck.

Only negative I’d throw against it is the Reznor/Ross soundtrack - which is typically good but they keep throwing in NIN cuts which takes me out of the doc and into nerdy track spotting mode instead. Guess they couldn’t be arsed to do like 15 hours of new music, which is fair enough.


Finished Glow season 2 last night and fuck I love that show so much! Looking forward to watching the documentary.

Almost finished Mindhunter too, which has also been excellent if completely different.


Can’t be anyone else, surely?

Maybe Cricket…


Midway through S2 of Mad Men - somehow avoided this show this for years, but it is unsurprisingly excellent.
Pete Campbell is the absolute pits.