What series are you into on Netflix?


Never seen “topline” as a verb before.


Currently watching Matt Groening’s Disenchantment. S’alright, but I’m not really hooked.


Can confirm that Disenchantment does indeed pick up towards the end of the ten episodes. The last one being the best of the batch because of the demise of Elf-O… Fairly watchable but kinda limp overall. Plot lines felt predictable and most of the jokes were pretty lame.


yeah, I liked it but didn’t love it. there were some good jokes scattered throughout but you’d expect way more from the creators of the simpsons / futurama. eric andre was good though, so there’s that


The new series of Ozark is pretty decent so far, so many tense story lines.


Watched Disenchantment. Leaved loved nor hated it. I liked the character of Luci and a lot of the animation, but thought the characterisation of some of the other characters were weak and the plots didn’t go anywhere until the last few episodes.

I’ve been re-watching past episodes of Bake Off. If Paul Hollywood ever prodded my baking like that, I’d probably kill him.


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
Man, the last few episodes I’ve watched have been stunning. S5E5 onwards. Madagascar, New Jersey, Hawaii, Beirut and Cuba.
Amazing television.

(I also found a copy of A Cook’s Tour in a charity shop this afternoon so that was excellent)


@ghosthalo is this the geralt of your dreams?


still processing the idea.

imo liam neeson 10 years ago would have been good.


Not Netflix but Happy! was a real trip


Watched Set It Up the other night, it’s a really enjoyable and charming rom com if you fancy something light.


this is interesting, especially as Daredevil was one of the least crap marvel tv series. quite excited that this might be good, but worried it’ll be back in the realms of season 1 GOT, i.e. LOOK AT THE BOOBIES.


mate, new Bojack and American Vandal upped on the same day

As I’m not pre-disposed to binge watching / I’m mid-way through a Twin Peaks rewatch, I’ll be in critically acclaimed TV well into 2019


I’ve pretty much never hated anything as much as American Vandal.


watching the new bojack. the funeral episode was terrible. the zebra one after that was even worse. idk why but i find it a really irritating show this year. the wordplay and puns and dialogue are really annoying. think i’m done tbh.


Fastest Car is good if you have an interest in cars, and it provides quite a nice glimpse into some interesting characters/areas in US society. Nothing too taxing to watch, and good fun watching with the lad to guess which car will win (although I have to be quick on the mute/subtitles because there’s a bit of effing and jeffing)


Kath and Kim series 1 now on Netflix. Look at mooooiiii


Watching Danny Rand and his Magic Hand s2. It’s better than s1 so far I’d say, none of the boardroom ‘drama’ at least. Wasn’t gang war the plot of at least two other Marvel shows though?

Finn Jones still can’t sell being a good fighter, he’s too slow, like someone who went to tai chi instead of fight training. During fights he still looks like he’s waiting for cues to do something before moving (same as Mike Colter in Luke Cage). For a show about punching this is a real let-down

Davos on the other hand is good at this. He was always more interesting than Mr Fist, and way better at seeming dangerous and hard. In one ep he offs three goons with knives in a warehouse, and the combination of choreography and camera work is ace. He even makes using a pressure point attack to cause a stroke seem plausible. Just got to the point where he gets iron fisted himself, and I just thought, great! Hope this is a reboot

Ward is still a great character, not sure about Dark Joy. Mary is a weird one, didn’t care for her ‘do you know what it’s LIKE to have to blah’ speech. Although I totally bought that she could beat Danny up, cause he’s flimsy af

Colleen can just do so much better for herself basically


quite like danny and luke as a double act but they’re both easily the worst thing about their respective shows


I wish they would switch to a Colleen & Misty show with Luke and Danny as sidekicks, tbh.

Ward :broken_heart: I hope he sorts himself out, poor lad. I saw that the actor is only 2 years older than me which freaks my nut out, I thought he was in his 40s!