What series are you into on Netflix?


does this make any sense at all?


save it for Thursday my man


too late, think ol japes is bolstering husk nuts to his girdle jerry.


i could get into this


The new Paul Greengrass film is out today





Recently got Netflix. I’m watching Suits as not seen it before. I like it. Princess Meghan is hot and Prince Harry is a lucky chap.


OOOH amazing

I read the book (which is purely factual) on my honeymoon in 2014. Hard to imagine it dramatized, it would be better as a long documentary but I’ll have to give that some of my time.


It sticks to the book really closely, although of course will be a bit less detailed in some areas. It pulls no punches. It was both entertaining and educational.


Making a Murderer 2


Big Mouth Season 2 is a real step up from the first. Impressive how it can be so crude and smart and incisive at the same time. Really nails the feeling of the teenage years. One of my favourite shows of the year.


David Thewlis is a particularly excellent addition





A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding



Great news, was well into the second season.


Finished ‘Maniac’ last night and loved it, mainly due to Jonah Hill who was a bloody revelation to me, never seen anything with him in it before (though i know of him).


Watched first episode of Daredevil Season 3 last night. Very promising start, cautiously optimistic after disappointing/rubbish seasons of JJ/LC/IF.