What series are you into on Netflix?


I’ve just finished Stranger on Netflix. A South Korean crime/prosecution type series, and thoroughly loved it. Loved the characters.


He takes unwarranted potshots at certain sections of people. There’s usually a snarky comment about vegetarians every couple of shows or so.


There are parts of it where the main guy is literally just Jason Schwartzman playing a PI in Bored To Death, it’s weird. Despite that I’m still enjoying it a lot.


i keep thinking to myself ‘well it’s set in the 50s! he’s meant to be a kooky 50s guy!’ and then realise it’s meant to be the late 70s or whatever


I think it’s done well enough that you are just supposed to concede that he is just a weird guy, rather than a badly written/acted character. I can see shades of Glee coming through every so often though.


I dunno maybe I’ve missed some stuff and I’ve not seen all of the Layover, but he’s definitely not on Clarkson’s level. And his comments generally seem lighthearted and from a guy who’s clearly openminded, rather than from an intolerant dickhead.


The Expanse is amazing. I’m led to believe that the source material is a good read but even so you’ve got to adapt it well to the screen and both seasons have had me putting them on repeat. Quite enjoying the new Star Trek although any scene featuring the Klingons is just painfully slow.

Otherwise the kids are bingeing on the French anime/cartoon Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir which previously had a good 26 episodes to keep them quiet but weirdly this has recently been reduced to 9 only. Every episode features the Eiffel Tower which is great!


Watching the start of skiptrace. P decent Action film!


I called him “kind of a dick”.

Until he goes after travellers, Argetinians, etc. then he’s not as bad as Clarkson.


Yeah I mean he’s clearly not as bad as Clarkson but has similar tendencies. I do still like him a lot.


Fincher loves putting fake coldbreath on people. It’s so shite.


No one mentioned this. Did anyone watch it?

I quite like ‘slow TV’ but unsure on the attraction of this


I just assumed it was going to be a Japanese version of Love Island and so gave it a swerve.

Sounds vaguely interesting, might test the water tonight - need something new to watch.


Not even on Netflix book (I am, but watching some NowTV)
Anyone watch Tin Star? Thought it started badly - first 4 episodes, and then quite liked it by the end…


Thought it was terrible tbh m9


Did you make it to the end?
I nearly stopped but kept going. Was definitely awful in parts, but liked the last 3 or 4 episodes


Yeah, thought it started well enough, then lost its way quite quickly.


i’ll give it a bash. sounds like it could be good as long as it’s kind of natural.


Just watched the first three episodes. It’s hard to pin down why, but I think I could get on board with it.

I usually steer well clear of these reality type shows, but I’ve really enjoyed the pace and the lack of mega egos so far.


What’s the appeal then? How is it not just normal boring life?