What series are you into on Netflix?


actually no it wasn’t, Im talking shite…
Was on Sky atlantic


Ooh I loved The Sinner.

I’d imagine it would be a new story?


Saw the advert for it, and it seems to be about Bill Paxton this time (Jessica Biel’s character’s story seemed to be wrapped up in S1)


Give up after the first series is my best advice.


I watched the first three episodes of Black Lightning last night. Not sure how long it’s been up on Netflix, but I only just found it.

I’m absolutely hooked already. A story centred around the fight of black americans against state subjugation, a gay black superhero, and a phenomenal soundtrack. Hopefully it can maintain the tension and excitement throughout.

I suspect that the remaining episodes won’t last the weekend.


FYI - Outlaw King is out today


Also on a Mad Men binge. Just about to go onto Season 6.
First couple of seasons were good, but definitely not great. The quality goes into overdrive by S4-5. Some genuinely heartbreaking moments in S5.

The firm’s treatment of Joan & how she becomes partner & Lane’s suicide

At this point, one of my favourite shows.


Things I’m watching / have watched recently:

Anne with an E - Half way through Season 2 at the moment and it’s the most lovely thing. I know that I used to like Anne of Green Gables a lot as a child, but I don’t really remember the books or other adaptations, so my impression wasn’t sullied by that. It seems that most people don’t like the diversity element either because they genuinely think gay / black people didn’t exist back then, or because they think it’s wrong to show minorities at the time having people who unconditionally accept them (even when such people are supposed to be atypical of the time they live in, like Anne) as it cheapens their struggles.Don’t agree with either viewpoint, and think it’s a shame it’s been written off by so many. Would be a really great show to watch with children 8+ if anyone is after a family show. Really reluctant to finish the season as I know I’ll miss not having more episodes.

Elite - It’s horrifically trashy for sure, but binged it over two nights so definitely gets guilty pleasure status. Plus, Carla.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - I feel as though I don’t actually like this (I find the humour too crude and whilst the characters are clearly supposed to be annoying I find it hard to deal with), but for some reason I keep watching it? Probably because I seem to have watched every other half-way decent comedy TV show on Netflix.

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Put this on simply because I couldn’t find anything else and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Definitely think it benefits from watching at the rate of one episode a week as the sets are all very formulaic (this is probably the reason I didn’t enjoy the second season quite as much after the first two episodes).

Good Girls - Difficult to deal with the tonal change at times, but really liked this regardless. Looking forward to Season 2 but damn well better get Beth/Rio.

The House of Flowers - Started off really enjoying this but had to force myself to get through the episodes in the latter half of the season. Feel like the show would have been better if it centered itself around Paulina rather than as an ensemble. The actress for Elena was so bad she jept taking me out of scenes, and Julian was unbearable in more than small doses. Eesh at having a post-transition trans woman played by a cis man, but putting that aside, I did think that the character was quite well written and portrayed. Weirdly, the two kids were probably my favourite thing about this show - they improved most every scene they were in (especially when together). Found it a bit odd that Paulina and Maria kept talking about Bruno being out of control - he just seemed very naive (but sweet) to me. The scene with him at the airport when his parents kissed destroyed my heart a bit. I’ll definitely check out the second season when it’s released, but hope it has recognised its strengths/weaknesses and becomes more consistent.


Forgot to mention that House of Flowers also has a blind character (played by a sighted actor) whose blindness is used for ‘laughs’. How hard is it to get that right in 2018?


It’s already quite tedious and has far too many boring monologues. Think I’ll have to continue because it’s not the absolute pits and my gf loves it


Looking forward to this. Carrie Coon was excellent in Fargo.


I have been similarly unmoved.

@grievoustim and @weeber are completely correct when they say it really picks up with episode 5.

The first three episodes are absolutely nothingy and could have been contracted to a single episode The fourth is markedly better, because Luke’s story is more compelling and he’s possibly a better actor than the other adults, but still doesn’t elevate the show above average tv.

The kids peformances are pretty good but most of the adults are fairly blah and the direction is mostly prettly pedestrian. There’s some really hamfisted moments along the way. The way the camera lingers on the star mug in episode 4, Jesus.

The fifth episode wipes the floor with the rest so far but If I wasn’t watching it with my housemate I’d have definitely given up before I got to it.

Unless it ends stormingly I will bow out of any future seasons.


Not Netflix but Amazon Prime. I started HOMECOMING yesterday. Pretty good and stylish.


It’s real-life American Vandal!


Ita a new story, preferring it to the first series so far. I doubt it will have a moment to top the sisterly affection moment from s1 though


Anyone watching The Innocents ? I’m only two into it. Quite good so far.



It was alright. Started off really well but I lost interest after about 5 episodes.


Altered Carbon really is balls isn’t it?? I’ve tried a number of times to crack into this show but i get about 1.5 episodes in and just can’t take it anymore!


Started Seven Seconds (which appears to have Jonathan Demme’s last ever directing job as episode 2) and it’s…okay?

Trying to be a bit The Wire and a bit The Shield but it’s completely failed to make the cops side of the equation compelling characters who you can feel anything much for. However Clare-Hope Ashitey and Michael Mosley are compelling.