What series are you into on Netflix?


Narcos was originally renewed for a fourth season but that has turned into this instead.

Thanks @xylo, will go back to season 3 then.


You said this was season 4 but it’s season 1.


The Cali bosses alone are absolutely worth your time. And there’s one particularly venomous little shit of a character who is easily the most hateable man in the entire series


Ah ok, I was assuming this was a spin off and s4 original would follow the border war hinted at by Adama and the Red Viper at end of s3.


They renamed it to Mexico when it had originally been referred to as S4 hence the confusion.

It’s also wrong to say it has nothing to do with it, but I don’t wanna get into why either



so if I just watch narcos mexico, will i get whats going on?


Yep but that shift happened after they’d confirmed there’d be a season 4 of Narcos. That then became Mexico. I could be wrong but there’s currently no Columbia Narcos S4 confirmed at all because of that switch


Yes you can watch Mexico totally fresh :slight_smile: it’s actually technically a prequel anyway so you’d be even better set up to watch Narcos!


wtf no idea whats going on

don’t even like narcos really


:'D you can watch Mexico as a new show. And it has a totally new cast. And the lead is amazing


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: the whole episode with the corner shop robbery and the train is wonderful.

this face he pulls when he sees leslie.

(sorry just gonna mither you about how much i love this all the time yuggy, cause no other sod has seen it)


also when they’re in the hotel talking about disgraced veterinarians & edward’s girlfriend turns round and says “who are you?!” and he goes “i’m jack birdbath”. :joy:


This explains that email from Netflix I deleted based on the preview I could see which said something like, “We think you might like this new show we’ve added: Narcos…” and I just did a :man_shrugging: delete moment reckoning it was like when the UX pops up “Watch it all again” for some show you slogged through. :smiley:

So what’s Narcos like? We got bored on Ozark and gave up Breaking Bad after 1 season. I kind of figured this show would basically be a lot of testosterone-filled men and then women in standard wife/girlfriend/sex worker sort of roles?


Maybe if you discussed it in the Amazon Prime thread you’d find more other viewers… :wink:


Love an amusingly reductive read of something closely based on actual figures from history.

In fact, one of the cartel bosses is a woman after escobar’s downfall, and that’s because: that actually happened. Before that yes, the most prominent women within the eye-wateringly nasty world of the coke trade were Escobar’s family and that’s because: that was actually the case.


Okay man. Not sure I deserved that level of patronising cuntish reply but you do you, buddy.


I genuinely thought you were going for the lowest possible blow by attempting to suggest that that’s the kind of show that people were watching Narcos for. There’s literally no other read of it Theo.*

*fuck off.

edit: and actually apart from calling your analysis ‘amusingly reductive’, which it absolutely fuckin was, i’m not sure what’s prompted the sassy you do you BS.


Basically it is a bunch of big swingin’ dicks jousting for power and pretty much all the women are put upon wives of prostitutes.

But as Xylo has pointed out it’s historical and all about the rise of Pablo Escobar which if you don’t know the history (like me) is very fascinating/terrifying.


Okay I have zero idea why you think I have a problem with people watching shows like that. I’ve watched countless shows like that I just am not really interested in that sort of thing again.

I thought it was pretty obvious I was being broad strokes here but I would comfortably put the Sopranos into that category at least for the first few seasons.


BUT I would totally 100% agree with you on sopranos, and i DO think seeing as its entirely fictional they really should have worked harder in the first few seasons.

apologies for bring crabby, dude, i read you as WAAAAAY more disapproving than i now suspect you were being.