What series are you into on Netflix?


I mean I’d go so far to point out why the FUCK would I even have fucking asked you if I didn’t have a genuine query? You think so little of me that you assume I just post to take cheap shots at users on here?


Look now I feel way bad.

Sorry man

Feeling mega grumpy tonight x


Also I had no idea it was very historic tbh. I assumed pure fiction. Cheers


if anything, i thought it was just insanely outta character tbh, precisely coz you don’t tend to take that line of enquiry usually. but nah 's my fault dude i jumped on it coz i assumed you knew the basics about the show (i.e. it’s for the most part ‘factual’)


Narcos is a very good show, and it seems like S3 was only six months ago, so hurrah for more

Still haven’t watched the latest Bojack

Might rewatch Fullmetal Alchemist, that was great :pray: :fire:


My fault your fault no wucks man. I should be less angry x


The subplot with Nan from the police is so painful. Adored the second series tho. Especially how he’s basically just pushed to his human limits in that final sequence. Drunk, stoned, electricuted, sleep deprived, freezing cold, beaten up etc



ooh, A Monster Calls. :+1:


everyone should watch The Endless, cool that that’s getting a Netflix release



I’ve seen 2 episodes of the Dogumentary and was close to tears for most of it.


had something in my eye there when he was swimming with the jellyfishes.

wonderful telly.


yeah i was subjected to the first episode by my gf last night and it was horrifically emotional, dunno how anyone can sit through that sort of thing willingly, even if there are ‘doggos’


The Last Kingdom season 3 has just come out exclusively on Netflix, it’s brilliant and this season’s maybe the best yet so far. Recommended if you like Vikings or Game of Thrones


Oh cool, looking forward to this. Good ol Uhtred.


Not a series but has anyone seen that new Coen brothers film on there? Any cop?


Which ones on there?


It made for netflix, called The Ballad of Buster Scruggs or something like that


Ok. Gonna watch it RIGHT NOW!


I enjoyed it, it’s 6 unrelated western stories, it looks really nice and very coen brothers. If that sounds like your things you’ll like it.