What series are you into on Netflix?


That was good. Particularly enjoyed tom waits talking to himself for 20 minutes amidst gorgeous scenery.


Yeah - that location is so beautiful


I just watched episode 5.

Was a little skeptical given the 70 minute running time but jeeeeeeeez, that was just a whole series of emotional gut punches.


That is a good episode of TV


Devoured six episodes of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. last night. It’s a witty, fast paced anime series revolving around a deadpan high school kid (kinda in the vein of Daria, maybeeee) who has psychic abilities but mainly spends their time try to blend in and be as normal as possible. The general plot sounds pretty cliche but it really had me hooked immediately.


Season two of The Sinner was well stupid


guys i’m really really into Jeopardy!
Never seen it before, love it. So into it. Wanna be a Jeopardy! master




I’ve been meaning to start it but not got round to it yet.

Quite liked the first one but have spent all of our time since singing the song from it and doing that weird creepy back movement the guy was doing when shagging the girl and then killing her


The first one was great (my partner also enjoys to sing that song)

I wouldn’t bother with the second tbh, waste of a great cast.


I feel like I need something gripping to watch but nothing grabbing me


Aye, there’s a bit of an absence at the minute IMO


My favourite Jeopardy thing ever


really excited to watch this


Neon Genesis Evangelion will be on Netflix from next year



It’s decent stuff, yeah


seeing a lot of people recommending it in Buffy groups


Ohhhh. I was so obsessed with this when I was 17. And 18. And through to about 24.

Now if only they’d hurry up and finish the remake series (even if I hated the third one)


The third one is the Godfather Part III of anime films. Will be fun to revisit the original series and End of Evangelion