What series are you into on Netflix?



I’m not arsed for it one bit. I feel like you’d have to remember every detail from the first series for the 2nd to make sense


Bit late to the party but been hooked on Big Mouth all week!


Now completed Wild Wild Country. What shall I watch next?


It’s a definitively different pace in the second season, and the first five episodes or so cover about 10% of the ground covered in the first episode of series 1, but it is still essential viewing.


finally started watching this. it’s really good


innit tho! glad. spent the past month of my life telling everyone I know to watch it, seemingly to no interest.


Watched this at the weekend and quite enjoyed it. Didn’t really give me any new info tho



Onto ep 6 of season 3 of Hannibal now, S3 is so vastly different it’s almost indecipherable. It’s basically an arthouse film


Watching the chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Obviously not as good as OG Sabrina but I’m enjoying it.