What series are you into on Netflix?


I was thinking about this a bit last night - I think the appeal is the way the voyeurs analyse and overanalyse every little connection made by one of the housemates to the nth degree.

There’s 46 episodes I think, to get through, I can’t see myself lasting the course. But, we’ll see how it goes.


I’ve watched it - it’s a bit like Jersey Shore (in that they’re all students who go to uni and have jobs, but there’s a lot of manufactured ‘romance’) but way, way, way more polite, relaxed and civilised.
It has the same sort of feeling as The Hills or something like that - it’s fake reality, if you know what I mean. They have ‘problems’ and there are ‘confrontations’ but it’s v. fake. There’s also the really Japanese thing of having a panel of people who watch the show and then it cuts to their reactions etc.

If you want a good Japanese show on Netflix I recommend Samurai Gourmet.


I’ve just finished watching a marathon of every season of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Netflix. It’s weird how every episode is exactly the same format but it’s so compelling - I NEED MORE.


Moved on to The Good Place. It’s alright, nothing more, nothing less. Ted Danson is good


Watched the 2 seasons of Last Chance U and got quite into it. The guys in the 1st season seemed to be more charismatic, so you care a little more for them, but the 2nd season is still worth a watch

3%, I’ve only watched the first episode, but from what I’ve seen, it’s interesting and hopefully it keeps along at the same pace

Glow, as said above, I’ve really enjoyed this. It’s probably even more enjoyable if you’re a wrestling fan, due to the cameos and such, but I’d still recommend this to non-wrestling fans

Death Note, I’m 3 episodes into this and I will admit I’m struggling. I’m gonna keep going with 2 or 3 more, as I know it’s supposed to be classic.


My hatred for the coach by the end of the second season of Last Chance U was incredibly intense. Brilliant programme though.


Yeah, absolutely. He started off the season well, but quickly went back into old ways. I loved the contrast they showed in that last episode between him and Wagner was excellent


yeah, it handles puberty brilliantly but it’s very much aimed at adults. If anything, it’s just that there’s a bunch of jokes he might not get? I don’t think it’s particularly ‘adult’. although there is a LOT of jizz talk.


Started watching The Good Place last night and I’m hooked, 9 episodes down in one night.


ahm oot


enjoying mindhunter but it’s getting a bit bogged down by the characters’ home lives and whatnot, bit boring


Just started watching Lady Dynamite after forgetting it existed and it’s been one of those times where I’m thinking, ‘why the hell didn’t I do this sooner?!’ It’s so intelligent and playful and is made by people with unmistakeable expertise. I like it AND respect it, which is something that doesn’t occur simultaneously very often!


This might belong in the crappy Marvel movies thread but I’m six episodes in to Punisher and really enjoying it. Jon Bernthal is great and it’s definitely more respectful of the source material than a lot of the other (shite) Marvel adaptations.


mad men, again and again


Almost finished season one of designated survivor, relentlessly silly and trashy but entertaining enough in a I can’t be bothered thinking kinda way


Watched the first series of this and enjoyed it. I agree with your writeup. It’s all very convenient the way everything gets resolved every week or two. Have you watched any of the 2nd series? It gets even worse with this and I stopped about 4 episodes in


Yeah, it’s great. Did you watch Daredevil series 2?


Nah, I’ve got two episodes I think left of season 1


American Vandal and The Good Place are my current favourites. Love Ted Danson in the latter.


I need new ideas. More recommendations. Please!!! :slight_smile: