What series are you into on Netflix?


Yeah I saw the comics when perusing the publisher of the new buffy comic, might give them a read, the music is so integral though not sure it’ll work


Read along with your new vinyl :slight_smile:
A few weeks ago I was out shopping with the Mrs and we found scissors just like Adelaides.


Started watching the innocent man. Probably fine innit.



Was… fine.


Alright, fuck the rules then. We’re watching The Good Wife on a site over here in Aus called ‘Stan’.

But I realised we don’t actually have a general TV discussion place on here.

Anyway, it’s a watchable show but we’re already in the 4th season and I still don’t really get why people were so nuts about The Good Wife when it was on.



We have a lot of TV threads! Cheers


you’ve got a nerve


This is now the The Walkmen thread.


Just finished this last night. Such a step up from the first iteration. And stoked to find out that the voice over was Scoot McNeery all along. All in for a second season.


Just breezed through this in the last week, it’s so good!!
Love the janky plan song in the second series.


:heart: that whole episode is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on tv.


Bit late to the party with this one but I really enjoyed Haunting of Hill House (though couldn’t stop calling it House on Haunted Hill and it drove my gf nuts). Sounds like there might be a second series but not with this family? Seems fair, as generally the story felt all wrapped up, but also a shame as some of the characters were really strong and would like to spend more time watching them weep and argue and stuff.


Just put on the first episode of this Vietnam War series


Dog tired and expected to only make about 20 mins but watched all 1 hr 20m of the fucker… And that was just episode 1! There are another 9 and each one is as long.


I like Ken Burns but jeez man, do we need to jear abour every skirmish, every battle, every general. It’s just wall to wall voiceover and it pummels you until you lose interest.


I could never remember the name either! Think it was too generic to be fixed in my mind clearly. Great series though - excellent characters, like you say.


The series “You” on Netflix

Couple of episodes in, lead guy looks like he could be Dennis Reynolds’ younger brother so I just kind of imagine it being an extension of the always sunny in Philadelphia universe, just a lot darker


Halfway into Haunting of Hill House. Plenty of departures from the original novel (though iirc some interestingly used parallels and character details) but I quite like the Stephen Kingish Jonathan Franzen-ness of it all.

The last episode I watched as well had a right ending. Cripes. Made up for some of the more yawnish jumpscares that pepper it occasionally


Man, the scares get less and less interesting as it progresses, so be warned! However, by that point you’re really invested in the family so it doesn’t even matter.