What series are you into on Netflix?


I haven’t that arsed about the scares tbh (except for when they deliver in which case I’m totes down) so much as for the general atmosphere of eeriness and hauntedness. I’ll admit I’ll be a bit disappointed if the family drama totally overwhelms that atmos stuff, though I do dig that side of things so whatevs, brevs


Is that the stalker one? Think I want to watch that


I like black mirror edit: wrong thread


Ooh i didn’t know this was on there yet!
I read the book and it’s a good one and I fancy penn badgley


If it’s the episode I think it is that is a good episode


episode 5 with the bent neck lady and the haunting slow dance stuff


Yep, that one


Yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeye :slight_smile:


It’s still creepy and tense up until the second-to-last episode I think, then everything’s being resolved and it changes tone a bit. I thought the atmosphere was great for the most part though.


Was expecting a bit more from the final episode, thought there might be a bit of a twist in there somewhere, but good stuff overall.

Edit: That may constitute a spoiler so blurred that shit just in case.


Yeah it was a let down for me - thought it was a bit of a cop-out, but it had done such good work prior to that that my mind kinda blanks it out! All the mysteries get tied up way too early, then they have nothing left to work with except the obvious.


Episode 6 was great oh maaasn

Also I forgot to mention DR JACOBY


Oh also whenever they’d mention the Hill family, I got a kick out of saying “god dammit Bobby”


Also started watching this today! Episode 6 is probs one of the most technically accomplished TV episodes I’ve ever seen. Properly great stuff.

Episode 5 too. That ending :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Even if the rest of the series is downhill from here I’m putting this up there with The Terror for best TV spookfest in recent memory.


Find it really depressing that everyone’s watching house on haunted dickhead but nobody’s read any shirley jackson or watched the innocents. Netflix level lameness tbh.


Is Shirley Jackson on Netflix?

Hang on, she wrote HoHH? What’s the problem??


Lol i dont remember posting that. What a dick.


Was E6 the one with them all at the funeral home arguing? Swirling camera etc. Great one that.


yeah I tried to annoy my parents by walking in circles around them while they tried to walk to the kitchen


Yeah. Think there were only 3 or 4 cuts the entire episode. They are increasingly common on tv now but I am a complete sucker for complex long takes.