What series are you into on Netflix?


The best bits were where the ghost of the dead sister is standing among them and you dont notice right away but know theres one person extra. Throughout the series all of the hidden ghosts are great.


The pale ghost with long hair when he discovers the black mould skeleton is going to be in my nightmares for a while :frowning:


I know I am waaaaaay late on this one but we just started The Handmaid’s Tale.

Issa bit good and scary innit

(Only on episode 4 so no spoilers pls!!)


Boshed out all of the excellent Sunderland ‘till I Die doc this week and halfway through Murder Mountain.

The former is amazing, a really good insight into the realities behind the scenes at a football club.

Murder Mountain is a really good watch, but I don’t totally get how all the people fit together and could use a bit more chat around how it all works (for instance, who are they selling their product to). Great watch though, and brilliant for being sniffy about hippies, who adhere to every cliche throughout.


my parents are watching that You thing which seems to be a spin-off of the D.E.N.N.I.S System


and I’ve been playing too much Bloodborne bc I expected the word ‘DIED’ to come up on the title card


Season 3 of Stranger Things - 4th July



Wo, carmen sandiego is back!?


Thought ‘You’ was really enjoyable. Loads of plotholes but who cares.

Made me want to watch American Psycho again which is a bonus.


Started The OA. Very much like it.


Most audaciously long cold open in a first episode I’ve ever seen


I might need to rewatch it actually. I remember I resented it bc it was being binge watched when I, on my own, would’ve preferred spacing it out a bit.

Didn’t help that it takes advantage of crazy variable episode lengths more than any other show


Guys the Marie Kondo show is now on Netflix


Glad Kimmy Schmidt is ending


I enjoyed the handmaids tale but fuck me its pretty heavy going at points.
Always had to put something daft and funny on afterwards


Like these googly eye glasses or one of the aprons with a muscular torso printed on?


Binned it off midway through season 2. I mean it’s good but fuck that.




Yeah we got about half way the through season 2. Not fussed about going back to it.